Personalized book with Santa

New! Personalized book with Santa: “(Name) Saves Christmas”

What could be cooler than a personalized book with Santa Claus? An adventure in which the child stars in a mind-blowing journey and helps Santa deliver the presents. At Mumablue, we’ve made that dream possible with our new personalized story: “(Name of your child) saves Christmas”.

This is a special edition, carefully illustrated by hand, which highlights the true spirit of Christmas through values such as solidarity, kindness and generosity!

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Personalized Tooth Fairy storybook

Personalized Tooth Fairy storybook. Your little one will choose his own adventure!

We have an amazing new arrival! A personalized Tooth Fairy storybook that’s super special because this time your child will not only be the star of the story, but will also be able to decide which path to follow on each page to complete an important mission.

Introducing “(Name of your child) and the mystery of the Tooth Fairy“, a story designed for the tooth fairy to leave under their pillow when they lose a tooth. The tale begins right there, so your little one is bound to become immersed in the story in a truly magical way.

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Halloween stories for kids

Halloween stories for kids. A frightfully funny experience!

One of the most eagerly awaited nights for the bravest children is about to arrive, and we at Mumablue want to celebrate it with a compilation of Halloween stories for kids that will give children a “scary” experience. Well, actually, Mumablue’s scary audio stories are anything but scary, as the characters are a little bit clumsy, and with the monsters as the main characters, the kids will die laughing!

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Short & Sweet Stories

Short & Sweet Stories, free audio stories for children

At Mumablue, we’ve had another great idea! We are bringing you Short & Sweet Stories, a section of free audio stories for kids that will blow your mind – the ideal option for entertainment away from the screen! The original idea was launched in Spain, and in just over a year and a half we have already reached 1,000,000 reproductions, and now it is available in English! 

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Personalized birthday story

Personalized birthday story: an interactive book

Mumablue has done it again! We’ve taken personalization one step further and launched a unique personalized birthday story: “Happy birthday, (child’s name)!“, the world’s ONLY interactive personalized birthday story. In it, the birthday boy or girl will play the starring role in an incredible story. They will not be able to stop reading it again and again, and again!

The story begins when the child is invited to press the “fun button”. No child can resist this temptation! Once they turn the page… The adventure begins!

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storybook with personalized cover

The magic of (your little one), a new storybook with personalized cover

We have wonderful news! We are launching a new storybook with a personalized cover on which the name of your little one will appear, as it will be part of the title. So the child will be the real protagonists from the cover to the last page. Cool, right? Well, wait, there’s more.

The magic of (your little one)” is a heartwarming storybook. In it, the child protagonist discovers that he has lost his fairy godmother. All children are assigned a fairy godmother when they are born. They take care of them, protect them and see to it that everything goes well for them. However, sometimes they vanish. That’s all.

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Black Friday Mumablue

Mumablue Black Friday! 25% Off + Free Video Message

The Friday that everybody is waiting for has finally arrived! Ooops not yet maybe. Well, we’re so impatient that we want to announce our amazing Mumablue Black Friday 2020 offer now. This year it’s going to be the craziest Black Friday ever, with an amazing discount on all Storybooks as well as an extra gift… Now you understand why we couldn’t wait more.

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How to build a reading habit in children

How to build a reading habit in children

Before I get into today’s main topic and talk to you about how to build a reading habit in children, I’ll tell you a rather enlightening anecdote in this regard. I have bought a great book. A great, great book. Pure literature. The kind of book you don’t understand a word. But it looks cool under my arm: the book cover matches my shoes.

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Going to the beach with kids

Going to the beach with kids is not as cool as it seems

Going to the beach with kids makes you realize a lot of things. I don’t understand how the idea of going to the beach makes people so excited. Starting with me. Let me be clear. I’m not thinking of a deserted beach in the Caribbean, with white sand and turquoise water, where palm trees lean over the sea defying gravity, etc. I’m talking about an overcrowded-grey-sand-turbid-waters type of beach, where the only thing that leans over the sea and defies the law of gravity is your flesh after three pregnancies. Every year I can’t wait to go there, and every year I can’t wait to LEAVE.

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Benefits of movies for children

The benefits of watching movies for children

Today I’m going to talk to you about the benefits of watching movies for children. Yes, movies. That thing I haven’t had any contact with since Emma was born. I’m sure any real-life mom will agree with me when I say that, for me, movies now only have beginnings: ten tiny minutes during which you’re filled with faith and think that your children will stay away while you enjoy a good movie after lunch. Ha! I don’t even remember how many times I fell for that one … You start by putting your feet up on the couch, and pulling the blanket a little bit … and next thing you know, they are on top of you screaming in your ear.

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