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Personalized Tooth Fairy storybook

Personalized Tooth Fairy storybook. Your little one will choose his own adventure!

We have an amazing new arrival! A personalized Tooth Fairy storybook that’s super special because this time your child will not only be the star of the story, but will also be able to decide which path to follow on each page to complete an important mission.

Introducing “(Name of your child) and the mystery of the Tooth Fairy“, a story designed for the tooth fairy to leave under their pillow when they lose a tooth. The tale begins right there, so your little one is bound to become immersed in the story in a truly magical way.

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Personalized birthday story

Personalized birthday story: an interactive book

Mumablue has done it again! We’ve taken personalization one step further and launched a unique personalized birthday story: “Happy birthday, (child’s name)!“, the world’s ONLY interactive personalized birthday story. In it, the birthday boy or girl will play the starring role in an incredible story. They will not be able to stop reading it again and again, and again!

The story begins when the child is invited to press the “fun button”. No child can resist this temptation! Once they turn the page… The adventure begins!

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storybook with personalized cover

The magic of (your little one), a new storybook with personalized cover

We have wonderful news! We are launching a new storybook with a personalized cover on which the name of your little one will appear, as it will be part of the title. So the child will be the real protagonists from the cover to the last page. Cool, right? Well, wait, there’s more.

The magic of (your little one)” is a heartwarming storybook. In it, the child protagonist discovers that he has lost his fairy godmother. All children are assigned a fairy godmother when they are born. They take care of them, protect them and see to it that everything goes well for them. However, sometimes they vanish. That’s all.

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