Personalized Tooth Fairy storybook

Personalized Tooth Fairy storybook. Your little one will choose his own adventure!

We have an amazing new arrival! A personalized Tooth Fairy storybook that’s super special because this time your child will not only be the star of the story, but will also be able to decide which path to follow on each page to complete an important mission.

Introducing “(Name of your child) and the mystery of the Tooth Fairy“, a story designed for the tooth fairy to leave under their pillow when they lose a tooth. The tale begins right there, so your little one is bound to become immersed in the story in a truly magical way.

The plot is as follows: your child has lost a tooth and has left it under their pillow. When they wake up they discover that the tooth fairy has left them a present but has not taken their tooth! They seem to have lost in on their way out of the house. Your child must find the Tooth Fairy to return the tooth, facing different dangers along the way.

They will only accomplish the mission if they make the right decisions

The most wonderful thing about this personalized Tooth Fairy storybook is that the lead character will only achieve their goal if they make the right decisions at all times, based on the values of caution, generosity, and kindness.

(Name of your child) and the mystery of the Tooth Fairy” consists of two main stories, each with different variations, which intersect and lead to two types of ending through 25 different routes (with more or less significant changes). A story with numerous alternatives in which the child can only fulfil their mission (Ending 1) if they make the right choices.

Where could the fairy be hiding, in the municipal park or in a dark forest? Should they help a lost puppy to find its owner or continue their search to avoid losing the trail of the Tooth Fairy? Is it better to spend money on food for the mission or on a big handful of sweets? What will happen if they cross the road instead of continuing along the sidewalk and going to a safe place?

Values: caution, generosity, and kindness

Personalized Tooth Fairy storybook

“(Name of your child) and the mystery of the Tooth Fairy”, like all Mumablue stories, is based on different educational values. This time, however, we have gone further: instead of simply explaining to the child protagonist what the right thing to do is, we let them discover it for themselves through the choices they make on each page. If they do everything right, their story will have a happy ending!

The main values of this personalized Tooth Fairy storybook are caution, generosity, and kindness, but it also highlights lessons such as not trusting strangers, avoiding danger, spending money on things that are really necessary, and that good behavior is always rewarded.

“(Name of your child) and the mystery of the Tooth Fairy” is a personalized Tooth Fairy storybook that uses the classic “choose your own adventure” format. It becomes a book-game, with multiple stories that your child can read and re-read over and over again up to 25 different ways, without the story ever being exactly the same. Impossible not to “hook” them onto reading!

Personalized Tooth Fairy storybook to leave under their pillow

At Mumablue, we’re committed to encouraging reading habits in our youngest children during their early reading years. That’s why our stories are personalized, to try to attract the attention of little readers by making them the star of the tale.

Having consolidated this model, we have begun to venture into titles that celebrate special dates or noteworthy events, so the child fully identifies with the story. Not only will they know that they are the star character through the use of their own name and with illustrations that represent them so well, but you can set the story in a certain time, or around an experience that is occurring in the life of the child when they receive the book. This personalized story of the Tooth Fairy is a good example of this.

Order it when you see that their tooth is getting loose so you will have it on hand when it falls out! Oh, and the best thing is that you can use the personalized dedication to leave a message from the Tooth Fairy herself, telling them to brush her teeth more or not to eat so much sugar. It will be impossible not to obey if the Tooth Fairy herself says so! 😉

This personalized Tooth Fairy storybook is not the only Mumablue book-game

And that’s not all: at Mumablue, we wanted to go a step further and introduce new titles that are classified as book-games, with the intention of making the reading experience even more immersive and attractive. Two Mumablue titles are currently available: “(Name of your child) and the mystery of the Tooth Fairy”, for children aged 5 to 9, and “Happy birthday, (Name of your child)“, for 2 to 5 year-olds, an interactive book-game to gift them for their birthday in which the main character has to interact with the illustrations on each page, leading to the next scene. They’ll be amazed because they’ll think it’s magic!

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