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Personalized book with Santa

New! Personalized book with Santa: “(Name) Saves Christmas”

What could be cooler than a personalized book with Santa Claus? An adventure in which the child stars in a mind-blowing journey and helps Santa deliver the presents. At Mumablue, we’ve made that dream possible with our new personalized story: “(Name of your child) saves Christmas”.

This is a special edition, carefully illustrated by hand, which highlights the true spirit of Christmas through values such as solidarity, kindness and generosity!

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environmental education

Environmental education, a child’s play

The other day I was thinking about how to tackle environmental education with my children and how parents should address issues such as responsible consumption, environmental sustainability, ecological footprint, or the importance of recycling. To do this, I went back to the time when I started recycling… What a memory! How beautiful it was. And how important we felt sorting waste. Once, I even cleaned my waste before taking it to the dumpster! 

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