Halloween stories for kids

Halloween stories for kids. A frightfully funny experience!

One of the most eagerly awaited nights for the bravest children is about to arrive, and we at Mumablue want to celebrate it with a compilation of Halloween stories for kids that will give children a “scary” experience. Well, actually, Mumablue’s scary audio stories are anything but scary, as the characters are a little bit clumsy, and with the monsters as the main characters, the kids will die laughing!

To celebrate this date that children love so much, we have prepared a selection of Halloween stories for kids, “scary” audio stories whose characters end up converging in the special audio story “Halloween Night”, a different, choral and theatricalized short story, a sound experience that children will love and the older ones will remember those golden days of the radio, when the radio theater pieces enlivened their evenings.

If you are not yet familiar with Mumablue’s scary stories, we recommend that your child listen to them in order, because the audio story “Halloween Night” features characters from the other scary stories, and children will love meeting them again in our special audio story! Just don’t give away the mystery – let it be a surprise! 😉

Halloween stories for kids that will put them in context

Let us introduce you to one of our most famous monsters, the strange leading character of “The Monster Who Lived in the Closet”. This is one of our most successful Halloween stories for kids, telling the audio story of a boy monster who lives in fear because he believes a boy lives outside the closet! It is a story in which we have reversed the roles to make children see that sometimes the things that scare them are not so scary or are only in their imagination. The short story that helps overcome fears at bedtime!

Music: CC 0 Fairy Dance, by Rafael Krux; CC 3.0 Dark HallwayFunkerrific, by Kevin MacLeod

We continue with the presentation of the characters of the special audio story “Halloween Night”, and now it’s the turn of Yost, the ghost. It turns out that he just inherited a haunted castle from his Uncle Ernest, the spook, and he is facing his debut as a ghost. He’s extremely nervous! He doesn’t know if he’ll do well because he’s a rookie. When he runs into the castle’s creepy little princess, something will happen that will change his fate. Don’t miss one of the funniest Halloween stories for kids!

Music: CC 0 Fairy Dance, by Rafael Krux; CC 4.0. Nightmare, by Alexander Nakarada.

We can’t forget the narrator of this terrifying audio story. On Halloween night we bring back our witch from “The true story of Hansel and Gretel” to convince the children to accompany her to the old haunted mansion. In the short story in which she is the real leading character, we have changed the point of view: it turns out that our witch took Hansel and Gretel into her home because she felt sorry for them being lost in the forest, but it turned out that the children were real nuisances who made her life a misery. However, the story that emerged was the one the children told when they returned home, and this poor witch wanted to tell us the truth about what happened!

Music: CC 0 Fairy DanceMagic in the garden by Rafael Krux; CC 3.0 Magical transition, Witch Waltz , Donkey in the Dancehall & Aquarium, by Kevin MacLeod

You’re ready to listen to “Halloween Night”!

Now that you know the scariest characters of the Mumablue Halloween stories for kids, you are more than ready to make the most of “Halloween Night”, the special audio story to celebrate this fun holiday that children love so much. Before listening to it, put them in the mood and encourage them to dress up as their favorite monster! You can also create some ambiance by lighting some candles to make the experience totally immersive – radio is a very, very, evocative medium! They’ll jump right into this fun story starring clumsy, novice monsters who are a real mess.

Public Domain Music: Consecrated Ground, by Alexander Nakarada

This is a theatricalized, choral Halloween audio story where all the monsters of the old haunted house prepare to welcome the children who will come in search of candy. The intention of these monsters is to scare them to death, but things will not turn out as they expect! Everything has to be done and, although Aunt Anguish tries to put things in order, the monsters don’t make themselves clear: the ghost has lost his cloak, Uncle Lecter practices a gloomy melody on the piano that only annoys, the little vampire has gone to bed early, the monster that lives inside the closet doesn’t want to come out because he is too scared of children and Aunt Catrina, who has come from Mexico for the occasion, is madder than a goat. Her staging is so disastrous that even the narrator herself, the witch, will have to admit that it has been a real disaster.

Moreover, in “Halloween Night”, different sound effects have been used to create a terrifying atmosphere: owls, wolves, echoing footsteps, thunder, dragging chains, chimes of a clock… The kids at home will enjoy a piece of sound theater set in a spooky scenario, but full of funny anecdotes. They will love it!

Ah, but wait! Our Halloween stories for kids are also available for you to read to them. In addition, we leave a little music in each of them so you can play it in the background while you read them the stories and create a much more magical experience. Discover our short, free and educational children’s stories to read!

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