Personalized birthday story

Personalized birthday story: an interactive book

Mumablue has done it again! We’ve taken personalization one step further and launched a unique personalized birthday story: “Happy birthday, (child’s name)!“, the world’s ONLY interactive personalized birthday story. In it, the birthday boy or girl will play the starring role in an incredible story. They will not be able to stop reading it again and again, and again!

The story begins when the child is invited to press the “fun button”. No child can resist this temptation! Once they turn the page… The adventure begins!

An interactive personalized birthday story

The story guides the child’s actions: they must blow, touch, shake, hit or stroke the illustrations, and they will respond to each action on the next page. The story is based around a party theme and leads the child to the only possible outcome: Blowing out the candles on the cake at their own birthday party!

interactive personalized birthday story

Happy birthday, (child’s name)! is a personalized birthday story where the birthday boy or girl interacts with each page, giving rise to what happens on the next page. Is it magic? They will be unable to hide their surprise when faced with an irresistible challenge that will arouse their curiosity and get them to enjoy reading!

A personalized birthday story for children aged 2 to 6

But Mumablue’s personalized birthday story is much more than a beautiful tale, it’s much more than a game, it’s much more than magic. “Happy Birthday, (child’s name)!” is a unique moment with their loved ones and a wonderful memory of that special day that they will keep for a lifetime.

Like all Mumablue stories, this personalized birthday story conveys important values like the benefits of play, the importance of curiosity or the excitement of celebrating with their loved ones. It is an interactive book recommended for children between 2 and 6 years old. But every child is unique! You can access a full preview of this personalized birthday story and check if it is suitable for the child you want to give it to.

An original gift for children which is always a hit

“Happy Birthday, (child’s name)!” is not just any birthday present. It is a personalized story that shows that you have really tried to please the child playing the starring role, that you have invested time and effort. It is also a special birthday story that promises an immersive experience for the child that makes him or her even more of a star on their special day.

By gifting this personalized birthday story, you gift a book, a game, values, emotion, a magical experience. That’s why children love them…But also their parents! If you are looking for an original birthday present for kids, whether for your child or for any other relative, “Happy Birthday, (child’s name)!” will be the ideal choice. A story that is worth more than its price!

We will let you know how to arrange it when their birthday is near

We know that a personalized birthday story is not something you want to buy every day, but it is a choice we make when the birthday draws near, as it is a specific gift for a specific moment. But, of course, with all the things that moms and dads have in their heads… Who is going to remember such a wonderful interactive birthday story in a few months’ time!

If you’ve still got lots to do to prepare for the birthday of your son or daughter, niece, nephew or other special child, don’t worry! Tell us their date of birth on the form on our website, and we will let you know when to order your personalized birthday story to get it on time.

Can you imagine their face when they discover that they are the star of their own birthday story? An immersive and unique experience to celebrate a special day. They’ll want to read it again and again.

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