Free audio stories for kids: Short & Sweet Stories

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Free audio stories for kids

Free audio stories for kids

Free audio stories for kids

Free audio stories for kids

¡Special Audio story in “choose your own adventure” format!

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Free audio stories for kids by Mumablue

Mumablue wants to keep the childs dreaming, so we’ve created free audio stories for kids that are ideal for the whole family to enjoy and will keep the kids away from screens: Short & Sweet Stories. 

Mumablue launches Short & Sweet Stories for the English-speaking mumabluers after a very successful Spanish edition. In just a year and a half, Short & Sweet Stories in Spanish has surpassed 900,000 reproductions and become one of the 7 most listened to podcasts for kids on the main platforms, including Spotify, a success that would not have been possible without the invaluable loyalty of our little listeners!

Short & Sweet Stories is not just free audio stories for kids: it is Mumabule’s commitment to culture and to recovering the habit of listening. Through the dramatized reading of stories, children let their imagination fly more easily than if they consume audiovisual stories. Television is a much more passive leisure proposal, in which everything is taken for granted: the images in audiovisual content limit the imagination, so it is good that children, in addition to enjoying television stories, know other narrative aspects: the written story and the oral story.

free audio stories for kids

Podcast for kids: educational and value-based free audio stories

Short & Sweet Stories are the result of the imagination of our writer elves! First of all, you will find all the titles in the Mumablue storybook catalogue converted into free audio stories for children, slightly adapted to the platform and purpose. These audio stories based on Mumablue storybooks will continue to have our “Fun Facts” section at the end, because we believe in the educational value of our stories, no matter how they are told. 

This educational addition is also maintained in other types of content, even if they have been created specifically for the podcast for kids Short & Sweet Stories because, in addition to giving voice to Mumablue personalised stories, each week we write original texts specifically for Short & Sweet Stories. Free audio stories for kids in which we do not abandon any other educational aspect that characterizes us: the transmission of values. Kids will enjoy adventures of all kinds with our Short & Sweet Stories: adventure stories, fantasy, humour, very tender or terrifyingly funny, mythology, history, recreations of great works of world literature…  With Mumablue’s short stories, learning is fun!

Free audio stories for kids launched in lockdown

The Spanish edition of Mumablue’s free audio stories for kids was launched at a very specific time: the lockdown stage in Spain in March 2020. With these podcasts for kids we wanted to offer an alternative to children during the days of lockdown, so they could enjoy stories in a different way. The expressive power of sound helped them let their imaginations run wild. With Short & Sweet Stories, Mumablue wanted to be close to the children at a time of great difficulty for them.

Mumablue’s Short & Sweet Stories are an idea launched during lockdown and are therefore audio stories to be listened to at home, made at home, with limited means. And it is probably in this closeness that their success lies. Their creator is Elena Lostalé, journalist, writer and broadcaster who was trained in the field of radio theatre during the years she worked at Radio Nacional de España. That is why, despite the fact that the quality of the sound or the editing, at times, may give a hint of homemade production, these free audio stories for children are created from the knowledge of the radio medium and the professionalism in radio interpretation. English version is narrated by Torii Alaniz.

We sincerely hope that your youngster enjoys these free audio stories for kids, that make their imaginations fly and that they learn many new things. In return, we don’t ask you for anything, only that, if you like Short & Sweet Stories, you share them with other moms and dads so that no child is left without this podcast for kids. 🙂

*Mumablue’s free audio stories use music licensed under Creative Commons License 1.0, 3.0 and 4.0, performed by Alexander Nakarada, Kevin MacLeod, Rafael Krux, Frank Nora, Arthur Fordsworthy, Brian Boyko, Jason Shaw and Phase Shift, and obtained through and

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