Short & Sweet Stories

Short & Sweet Stories, free audio stories for children

At Mumablue, we’ve had another great idea! We are bringing you Short & Sweet Stories, a section of free audio stories for kids that will blow your mind – the ideal option for entertainment away from the screen! The original idea was launched in Spain, and in just over a year and a half we have already reached 1,000,000 reproductions, and now it is available in English! 

Short & Sweet Stories, in its Spanish version, arose as a result of lockdown. We wanted to make a podcast for children under the slogan “Turn off the screen, turn on the imagination!” It was a temporary project with which, from Mumablue, we wanted to bring culture to youngsters through entertainment at a time that was hard for children. Its success was so overwhelming that we decided to continue with the project! The kids love it and so do the moms and dads.

Here are a couple of free audio stories to give you an idea of what we want to present, two of the most listened to in Spanish.

Short & Sweet Stories of fantasy, adventures, humor…

On our Short & Sweet Stories page we will publish a new audio story every week. They will be adventure stories, thanks to which children will be able to enjoy the adventures of pirates, Vikings, aliens… Children also love fantasy audio stories because they transport them to magical worlds and make them dream: dragons, unicorns, witches… our characters are iconic, but their role is often very different from the one attributed in traditional tales.

Many parents are looking for audio stories with values. That’s why all our audio stories are impregnated with them, to a greater or lesser extent, because at Mumablue we are committed to education in values through stories. We introduce children to concepts such as friendship, patience, tolerance and respect, and we avoid the traditional gender roles of classic fairy tales. Our princesses are made of different stuff! 😉

Humor is very necessary in childhood and helps children connect ideas better and learn to understand reality from a more abstract point of view. That’s why many of the free Mumablue audio stories are peppered with humor, especially those that have to do with monsters or “scary” audio stories, as humor helps deal with this genre by helping children overcome their fears.

In addition to these stories written especially for our free audio stories, we have performed dramatized readings of the personalized stories that are part of Mumablue’s catalog, so that children can get to know our stories in a closer and completely free way. And if they would like to star in the story in the first person, with their name and physical features, they can order the story on paper for their birthday or ask Santa Claus for it.

We hope you and your children enjoy Short & Sweet Stories! Nothing would make us happier than the fact that you enjoy listening to these audio stories as much as we do! Discover it now! New audio stories every week.

*Mumablue audio stories use music licensed under Creative Commons License 1.0, 3.0 and 4.0, performed by Alexander Nakarada, Kevin MacLeod, Rafael Krux, Frank Nora, Arthur Fordsworthy, Brian Boyko and Phase Shift, and obtained through

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