storybook with personalized cover

The magic of (your little one), a new storybook with personalized cover

We have wonderful news! We are launching a new storybook with a personalized cover on which the name of your little one will appear, as it will be part of the title. So the child will be the real protagonists from the cover to the last page. Cool, right? Well, wait, there’s more.

The magic of (your little one)” is a heartwarming storybook. In it, the child protagonist discovers that he has lost his fairy godmother. All children are assigned a fairy godmother when they are born. They take care of them, protect them and see to it that everything goes well for them. However, sometimes they vanish. That’s all.

A storybook with personalized cover, new from Mumablue

In this storybook with a personalized cover, the main character will have to find a new fairy godmother: he will call a casting to which the most extravagant protectors will be invited. Among them all, one stands out. But she stands out because of her clumsiness. Your little one will have to make a decision and choose the best fairy godmother. Will she succeed?

“The magic of (your little one)” is a beautiful story that highlights values such as self-esteem, trust in others and empathy. This way the little readers will internalize them more easily as they are the protagonists of the story in first person.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this new personalized storybook reinvents the formula, eliminating the die-cut on the cover and placing the illustration representing the main character, along with his name, which becomes part of the title. The magic of personalization is thus accentuated – unbeatable!

A story to close the gender gap

The Magic of (your little one)” aims to break the stereotype that only princesses have a fairy godmother, because it is also important to make boys believe that there is a being who protects them, so that they can reinforce their self-confidence. At Mumablue, we don’t believe that fairies are just for girls. On the contrary, boys also have the right to imagine, to share adventures with sensitive and delicate magical beings.

For too long, boys have been led to believe that their role in fiction and in life is to be the warrior, the protector. No one ever protects them. This educational model has created adult men who suffer from the impossibility of crying, of showing their feelings. And that, in addition to having an important weight on their emotional balance, has a direct impact on the way they relate to other men and, of course, to women.

For Mumablue, equality is as important from the female point of view as it is from the male. We believe that human beings are emotional beings and that boys should grow up in a new model, an environment where they are allowed to express their feelings, play with dolls and, of course, have their own fairy godmother. This is what we are looking for with “The magic of (your little one)”, to do our bit so that today’s children grow up self-confident and become happy adults.

If you want to know the beautiful story that is narrated in “The magic of (your little one)”, we invite you to personalize it in our website. and access a complete preview of this storybook with a personalized cover. We hope you like it!

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