Personalized book with Santa

New! Personalized book with Santa: “(Name) Saves Christmas”

What could be cooler than a personalized book with Santa Claus? An adventure in which the child stars in a mind-blowing journey and helps Santa deliver the presents. At Mumablue, we’ve made that dream possible with our new personalized story: “(Name of your child) saves Christmas”.

This is a special edition, carefully illustrated by hand, which highlights the true spirit of Christmas through values such as solidarity, kindness and generosity!

(Name of your child) saves Christmas” takes place on Christmas Eve, when your child wakes up to hear a big bang. It turns out that Santa’s sleigh has crashed into a tree and the jolly old fellow  has had an accident. Dizzy and in pain, he will ask your child to help him deliver the presents. Thanks to the on-board computer and a magic clock and lantern, the young character will successfully complete the mission… and then some!  They will learn values such as solidarity, kindness and generosity.

Personalized book with Santa

A personalized book with Santa Claus full of secrets

In “(Name of your child) saves Christmas“, the child character will discover that there are less fortunate children in the world, who live in less comfortable homes and cannot afford even a single Christmas present. But he or she will also learn the value of generosity when they decide to leave their own gifts to children who have nothing. This personalized book with Santa claims the true spirit of Christmas, that of being generous and thinking of those who have less. 

In addition, your child will become the one in charge of saving Christmas. With Santa Claus injured, it will be up to him or her to take charge of going house to house distributing gifts, to prevent any child from being left without their toys on Christmas Day. They will become a real hero! And, for this, they will be rewarded by Santa Claus himself. The values of this story are kindness, generosity and solidarity, all of them closely related to the Christmas spirit.

Apart from the conflict that gives rise to the story, we wanted to introduce a moral dilemma, that of the child character giving up their own gifts in favor of other less fortunate children, a message very much in line with Mumablue, which advocates a good emotional development of children and the promotion of empathy.

Dedication signed by Santa Claus himself

“(Name of your child) saves Christmas” is a personalized story with Santa Claus with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, in full color. It is a personalized Christmas story that becomes a fantastic option to ask Santa Claus. In fact, the possibility of personalizing the dedication of Mumabue stories is very useful in this title, as it is possible to write a message signed by Santa Claus himself, telling the child about the little things they needs to polish up on to behave better 😉

But that’s not all! Our catalog of stories is extensive and includes a wide range of personalized stories: for two siblings, cousins or friends; for the child to appear with one or two adults, representing any family model; interactive book-games in which the child determines the course of the story… Check out the Mumablue story catalog and ask Santa Claus for a nice collection of your favorites!

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