Tooth Fairy story for kids + free interactive audio story

Tooth fairy story for kids

You will love today’s proposal, you’ll see! It is a Tooth Fairy story for kids, to read, that has an awful lot to offer. Not only do we offer you a version so you can read it to your child directly, but you can also enjoy an audio story of the Tooth Fairy and choose your own adventure format, something that has never been done before!

In addition, if you like this audio story you can get it in print and personalized version, a Tooth Fairy story for kids in which your child will be the main character with their own name and various illustrations that represent them according to their physical features. Click on the image to get it.

Tooth Fairy story for kids

Here is the Tooth Fairy audio story in “choose your own adventure” format and narrated in the second person.

For an unbeatable listening experience, here are a few simple steps:

  1. Press play to start listening to “The mystery of the Tooth fairy”.
  2. In the little window that pops up, click on “Play in Navigator”.
  3. Follow the directions given at the end of each of the audios.
  4. Choose your path before the end of the silence queue at the end of each audio to avoid skipping the next fragment and breaking the magic. If you feel you won’t have time, pause the audio.
  5. Once you have finished a walkthrough, go back to the beginning and try a different adventure.
  6. Enjoy!

Músicas Public Domain: And Just like that, Brian Teoh; Picket Villian (Anonymous); Novus initium, Alexander Nakarada; Romantic inspiration, Rafael Krux;

If what you were looking for is a tooth fairy tale to read, without further ado, you will find a simplified version, told in linear form, below.

Tooth Fairy story for kids: The Mystery of the Tooth Fairy

Today is a very special day! You are very happy because has a tooth that has fallen out. Tonight you will put it under the pillow for the Tooth Fairy. Although you are rather nervous, finally manage to get to sleep.

The next morning, instead of a coin, you find the Tooth Fairy has left you a small very well wrapped package. It is an Explorer’s Diary! You will be able to write about all marvelous adventures in it. Something sparkling on the floor attracts your attention. It’s your tooth! The Tooth Fairy must have dropped it when she left the bedroom!

You think that you should return it to her. It will be the first big adventure for your new Explorer’s Diary! But you doesn’t know where to find her. If you were a fairy you would hide in the park. It is a quiet place, there are flowers, and animals live there.

On entering the park, you come to an unusual junction. The path on the left continues through the local park and the path on the right enters the Dark Wood. From inside the wood comes the squawking of mysterious birds. It is hard to know if a fairy would choose a place like this to hide in. You know you shouldn’t go into that scary place without an adult to accompany you, so it’s best to continue through the park.

The park is lovely this time of the year! You look among the rambling paths made with hedges. On reaching a woody zone, you hear a noise among the dry leaves. Is it the Tooth Fairy? No, it is a squirrel collecting hazelnuts to fill their larder.

“Hello, Mrs. Squirrel. I’m looking for the Tooth Fairy to give her back a tooth she has lost. Have you seen her?”

“Perhaps you will find her in the Big Tree of the Fairies that is on the other side of the road. You can try crossing it or look on the riverbank. She sometimes goes there to freshen up”.

Crossing the road is even more dangerous than a gloomy forest, so you decide to look at the riverbank. When you arrive, you hear a splash and some moaning. A puppy has fallen into the river and doesn’t know how to swim! You go to rescue it without hesitating. Once out of the water, you realize that the puppy is lost. On looking up in search of the owner, you see a large poster on the wall of the building opposite.

“Detective. I find anything, however difficult it may be.”

That’s it! You will ask a detective to help you find the Tooth Fairy! But soon your enthusiasm fades: the right thing to do would be to look for the puppy’s owner and continue the search when the dog is completely safe.

After asking several people, you manage to find the owner. It is a man with a big moustache who hugs his dog, tears rolling down his face, while the puppy rewards him with long licks on his face.

The man with the moustache is very grateful and rewards you with a shiny coin. You will be able to buy loads of candies! Or maybe they should go to the market and spend the money on provisions that will allow you to continue the search.

The idea of being able to buy a lot of goodies is just too tempting. Without hesitating, forgetting your mission, you run to the candy store. It’s awesome! Hundreds, thousands of sweets are
piled up all over the place. With the coin you will be able to buy loads of each!

“I want some chocolate ones; and lots of jelly beans, and licorice…. and strawberry candies!”

“Wow, you’re really getting yourself a big haul”, said the clerk.

You pay with the coin to the sales clerk and run out of the store.

“Don’t eat them all at once or you’ll get a tummy ache”, the clerk shouts a warning.

Laden with a large bag, you return to the park and sit on a bench. You are eating one candy after another when you see a group of children approaching.

“Can you give us some?”, ask a little girl.

You know that people should be generous but there are too many children. If you share them out you will be left with none!

Finally, you agree to share the candies with the children. Perhaps you will have less, but you will have great fun with your new friends! Also, perhaps they know where to find the Tooth Fairy. While they are enjoying the candies, you explain your mission to them.

“I’m looking for the Tooth Fairy to return a tooth she lost, but it’s impossible to find out where she’s hiding”.

“The Tooth Fairy lives in the market where my dad works, between the cheese stand and the flower stand. It’s a secret, but I tell you as a thank you for your generosity”, reveals one of the children.

Then, you run towards the market and find a tiny door right at the spot that the boy has mentioned. Suddenly you see something that attracts your attention: a small door hidden between the flowers of the neighboring market stall. Above it is a sign that reads: Miss Tooth Fairy. It is her house! Why didn’t you think before about looking close to the flower stall?

You bend down and knock, rapping slowly with your knuckles. No one answers. Gently push open the small door with your finger and look through the hole. It is a beautiful little ivory house! From the floor to the ceiling, everything is built with shiny milk teeth. There is no sign of the Tooth Fairy. She must have been frightened and is hiding!

“Miss Tooth fairy… ¡Miss Tooth fairy! You forgot your tooth last night. I brought it to

You explain the reason for their visit while placing the tooth inside the house and moving away. The Tooth Fairy slowly approaches, picks up the tooth and observes it closely before realizing that it is the same one she lost last night. She has recognized you! Touched by your kindness, she runs to hug you and thanks you.

“Thank you very much, you are very kind to return it to me. How did you find me?”, say the Tooth Fairy.

“It has been a great adventure!”

“I propose that you tell me about your wonderful adventure as we stroll through the park – it will certainly be an amazing story to write in your Explorer’s Journal!”

Your mission is completed! The Tooth Fairy suggests you take a walk around the park. Whike they are resting beneath some pretty trees, tell your amazing adventure while the Tooth Fairy listens attentively. Without doubt it will be an incredible story for your Explorer’s Diary!

From now on, every time that a tooth falls out, you will leave it beneath the pillow together with your Explorer’s Diary and a small torch. This way the Tooth Fairy will be kept well informed of your latest and wonderful adventures.

Access to the Spanish version: El misterio del ratoncito Pérez.

Personalized Tooth Fairy story for kids. Exclusive!

If your child has liked our idea, you can go a step further, because in Mumablue we have created the story “(Name of your child) and the mystery of the Tooth Fairy“, a unique editorial proposal, as it is the first personalized story in “choose your own adventure” format, so that not only will the child who receives it be starring in the first person, but he or she can determine the path of the story.

This Tooth Fairy story for kids begins when the young main character loses a milk tooth and leaves it under the pillow, just as if it is happening to the child in real life. That is why reading it becomes a truly magical immersive experience. Throughout the story, the young reader will have to face several decisions based on values such as prudence, kindness and generosity. Only if he or she makes the right decisions will they be able to accomplish the mission.

(Name of your child) and the mystery of the Tooth Fairy” is built on two main stories, widely differentiated, and each one of them allows several different developments, to the point that the child will find 25 different stories in a single book. The story has two endings: one in which the goal is achieved and one in which it is not. All Mumablue stories teach values, but in this case, the child is not told directly what is good or bad, but is invited to discover it for themselves: only if they makes the right decisions on each page will they be able to accomplish their mission.

Tooth Fairy story for kids

What are Mumablue personalized stories like?

Our stories were created with a single goal in mind: to awaken a love of reading in children. That’s why each story is unique and printed exclusively for each child, who stars in it with their own name and is revealed in each illustration thanks to Mumablue’s advanced personalization engine, which allows you to create an avatar of the child based on their main physical features: skin color, eye shape and color, hairstyle and hair color… or by adding accessories such as glasses, bows or earrings. Some of them allow you to customize even the cover itself, as in the case of this Tooth Fairy story for kids.

The result is a unique copy, with beautiful handmade illustrations, printed on high quality paper coated with anti-fingerprint varnish. All personalized stories are bound in hard cover and have an ergonomic size of 22×22 cm. Mumablue. 41 full-color pages, including a 100% customizable one, where you can add a personal dedication to the child and include a photo of the child, making it a beautiful keepsake for life!

If you are curious and want to see how it would look, you can customize your child in three minutes and access a free full preview of the story. Of course, remember that in the preview it will not be possible to recreate an interactive reading according to the decisions taken throughout the reading, but it will be enough to give you an idea of how it would look with your child in the illustrations and what the two main stories are.

No doubt this personalized Tooth Fairy story for kids will be the best gift that the fairy will leave under the pillow for your child when they lose a tooth!