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environmental education

Environmental education, a child’s play

The other day I was thinking about how to tackle environmental education with my children and how parents should address issues such as responsible consumption, environmental sustainability, ecological footprint, or the importance of recycling. To do this, I went back to the time when I started recycling… What a memory! How beautiful it was. And how important we felt sorting waste. Once, I even cleaned my waste before taking it to the dumpster! 

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Mom during confinement

Mom during confinement (I): extreme cohabitation

Being a mom during confinement means to multiply yourself at least three times. Remember when we thought confinement was going to end by Easter? Look, a chance to get the work-life balance! That is what most mums thought … What fools we were! What a childish innocence! … More than a month later, locked up at home with three children, with homework, working from home and the news, I realize how fine the line is between conciliation and being a geek. To be a mother in quarantine.

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fears of motherhood

Children and fears of motherhood

When you become a mother, you’re given superpowers. For example, you can now taste food at magma temperature without getting burned, you’re able to develop cheetah reflexes, and you’re surprisingly able to smash any kind of insect, no matter how big and hairy it is. But life isn’t all that rosy! With the first child,  many fears of motherhood (a.k.a maternal neurosis) appear. You know, that thing that makes us suddenly crazy if we lose sight of our kid even though it’s only for a thousandth of a second.

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blog for real-life moms

Welcome to the blog for real-life moms

Hi, I’m Olivia. And that’s it. I’m a real mom and I write a blog for real-life moms. I say this because, lately, there seems to be a lot of robot mothers. You may know them as “supermoms,” and they’re experts in their trade. Especially on social media. There aren’t many of them, but they are well organized and know how to hit the button that makes a mortal mother, like me, sometimes feel that she is not doing things as well as they could be. Does this happen to you too?

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