Mom during confinment

Mom during confinement (II): Homework assignments

Being a mom is never easy, but being a mom during confinement is a different story. Today I’d like to discuss the subject of homework assignments. Come on! The very first day they sent things to print. Who the hell has a printer at home anymore! Documents are printed at work, that is a fact! Just because I’m working from home doesn’t mean I have a printer AT home. Alright? On the second day, they sent out an educational website. Very nice, if it wasn’t for the fact that it required Flash Player! Are you kidding me? Since when you don’t renew content, since Y2K? Craft activities have reached a whole new level. Was it just me, or did they send you all the activities to do with toilet paper towels? In the middle of the toilet paper crisis! Now that I think about it, maybe the school crafts were the reason for the shortage. 

But, except for the prehistoric and sarcastic things in the homework assignments, the teachers were very good, huh? I am a big fan of their home videos in low angle cooking cakes! Less funny was the fact that I was given “extracurricular homework”, which am alright if it is for the art class, for example, but Judo? Really? “Today we’ll practice the MAE UKEMI and the ZEMPO KAITEN UKEMI”, says the instructor, but I don’t even know how to pronounce it! Well, after this, I have to say, I’ve learned to fall with a lot of class. I’ll put it into practice the next time I slip on my flip-flops!

Oh and that’s another thing… What about everything we are learning? This is an SATs revival! I have to admit, the first day I got into math homework, I looked for the answers at the end of the book, like a little sudoku book! They’re not there. Wrong. Calculator strips, Google… You end up on Yahoo Answers! Come on! But it seems credible that “Jessy1996” has a lot of positive votes from people who had no idea of the answer… Well, let’s get for it! I can’t wait to see if I pass first grade! 

I don’t know if I will pass the SATs again or not, but what is clear is that after this experience with the homework assignments, I am a certified teacher. Now that I’ve got you entertained with my story, I’m going to take advantage of this to see when the next teacher’s competition is. Ha! Not true! Standing up with 20 kids all day? Sorry, that’s not paid for. Teachers do not have enough holidays!

Now I am mom during confinement, but that doesn’t mean I have to know how to make square roots. Nor what they’re for! And that’s it.

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