Father's Day 2020

Father’s Day 2020: the most original gift for Dad

Looking for a fun and original gift for Dad? For this Father’s Day 2020 give him a storybook! We know that dad loves handmade gifts, drawings, pasta crafts, and even colorful ties… but, what if this year we get him an unforgettable gift? “Together” is a Mumablue book that allows you to personalize dad and child and offers a unique family reading experience. 

In “Together”, dad and child will live extraordinary adventures. It’s a gift for dad, but also for the little one, they will be amazed to see themselves represented and become the main character of the story along with their dad, on such a special date as Father’s Day. 

“Together” is the most personalized book in the world. Thanks to its more than 400,000 combinations, it is possible to personalize dad and child in the most accurate way, so that both recognize each other on each page and participate in a unique story. It is so easy to customize, that even the little one can do it, participating in the making of a very special gift for Father’s Day 2020, in a fun and playful way.

Beyond enjoying an exciting story, dad and child will be able to discuss the importance of family and learn about their roots to know themselves, thanks to the final section “Let’s find out more”. In addition to spending some fun time playing to find different elements lost in the “Search and Find” game.

Why should you give “Together” on Father’s Day 2020?

  • Because Dad doesn’t expect it: He will be amazed!
  • Because it is a keepsake memory that immortalizes dad and child
  • Because Dad already has many ties, many drawings, and many clay figures
  • Because it’s been a long time since Dad’s been given a book,
  • Because, unknowingly, you’re giving him spending time with his little one

But that’s not all! If you want to include Mom, it’s possible thanks to the three-character version of “Together”, so that reading the book becomes a truly immersive family experience this Father’s Day 2020!

What better gift for a father than to be able to star in a story with his little one? “Together” is not only a personalized book, but it is also a very original gift and a precious lifelong memory!

Order your personalized story for dad and child before May 31st to make sure it arrives on time!

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