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Witches story for kids:

Here’s a witches story for kids that you’re not expecting! We invite you to discover this original and funny story in which the witch of Hansel and Gretel gives her own version of what happened. According to her, the children were a bit naughty and, although she took them into her home and was nice to them, in the end they told a totally different story. You can also find the text version at the end of this post.

If you prefer, this witches story for kids is told by us. In this audio story it is the witch of Hansel and Gretel herself who is in charge of giving her version, with music and effects that will make children dream.

Witches story for kids to listen to: free audio story

Music: CC 0 Fairy Dance and Magic in the garden by Rafael Krux; CC 3.0 Magical transition, Witch Waltz , Donkey in the Dancehall and Aquarium, by Kevin MacLeod

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“The True Story of Hansel and Gretel” is a story that changes the point of view, which surprises and amuses children a lot. But it also teaches a great lesson: we should be interested in knowing all the versions of an event to understand what the truth was. We think you might like to create some atmosphere and read it to them over music, so we’ll let you.

If you prefer to read this witches story for kids, you should put on the voice of a witch, since this funny story to read is narrated in the first person, and let this music play in the background.

The True Story of Hansel and Gretel

Hello, dear children. Let me introduce myself: I am the witch from Hansel and Gretel’s fairy tale, but don’t be afraid! You mustn’t be afraid of me: everything those two children told about me is a rotten lie. They made it all up! If you will allow me, I would like to tell you the real story, what really happened.

One day I was so quiet in my little house in the forest, cooking my magic potions, when two children appeared out of nowhere and started tearing pieces off the walls, the doors, the windows… and then they ate them!

Apparently they had been lost in the forest for a few days, with no food or water. They thought my little house was made of chocolate! What nonsense! If it were, I would have eaten it myself a long time ago! My house is made of bricks, plaster and plasterboard, just like everybody else’s.

I’m a witch, and everyone knows that children and witches don’t get along. Children create a lot of fuss: they baffle the spirits with their screams, chase away lizards and bats (which are the basis of any self-respecting magic potion), and wear our pointy hats to disguise themselves all the time.

But Hansel and Gretel gave me a bit of grief. So I invited them in and offered them a nice snack: milk with sugared scones, apples and nuts. They told me that their stepmother had abandoned them in the forest with the excuse that she had no money to feed them. What a wicked lady! So I told them they could stay with me if they would help me with some chores.

But as it turned out, Hansel and Gretel were naughty! I asked Hansel to go to the stable to take care of the cattle, but he was lazy and locked himself behind bars so I couldn’t find him, and he spent the whole day sleeping. What a lazy bum!

Later he said that it was me who locked him in a cage to fatten him up and, when he was fat, to eat him… Besides being lazy, he was a liar! I don’t like children, not even on pizza!

I asked Gretel to help me in the kitchen, but she did things to annoy me! Change the sugar for salt, for example. Have you tried milk with salt, it’s disgusting! I don’t recommend fried eggs with sugar either… She would also unscrew the faucet so when I would turned it on, water would shoot out and hit me in the face.

She would use my flying broom to sweep (flying brooms are very sensitive, they can’t stand too much pressure) or she would pour a liter of soap in the washing machine and the kitchen would look like that foam party from the fairs. A horrible disaster! One day, when I was about to put a loaf of bread in the oven… Gretel pushed me and tried to make me fall in! That was the straw that broke the camel’s back! I got very angry and sent them back to their stepmother. How sorry I am for that poor woman!

The story they told afterwards, you already know it: that their wicked stepmother had abandoned them to their fate in the forest and that a much more wicked witch had locked them up to fatten them up and then eat them. What ungrateful people! I repeat: we witches do not eat children, they are all bones. We prefer mac and cheese. Oh, and they didn’t get home on a duck either. How big would a duck have to be to carry a child on its back? Have we gone mad? I took them myself on my flying broom and they didn’t even pay for the gas!

And this is my version of the story. But who would believe a lonely witch rather than two seemingly innocent children? No one! Well, no one except their stepmother, who looked at me with pity while they wanted to set fire to my little house, which, I repeat, was not made of chocolate, nor candy, because those things only exist in fairy tales and this is a very real story.

So you know, kids, if you ever want to know how a story really happened, you should ask all the parties involved. Remember: the good guys aren’t so good, and the bad guys aren’t so bad.

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We hope your child liked this witches story for kids. With this version of “Hansel and Gretel”, we wanted to get a laugh out of the kids using the technique of bewilderment. Making an interpretation of the story from the witch’s point of view is not only very attractive, but also generates more proactive, entertaining and fun behavior in children.

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