Pirate story for kids + funny audio story

Pirate story for kids

Here’s a pirate story for kids, short and really fun. It is a story that plays with the absurd to make children smile. The Pirate Misfortune is a very stubborn pirate. He wants to find a lost island to bury his great treasure. But there’s a problem: once he finds an island, it is no longer lost, and he has no more use for it!

You can read it below. If you prefer, this pirate story for kids is told by us! We offer you the audio version of the story, theatricalized and with marine atmosphere and effects.

Audio story The pirate Misfortune

Music: CC 0: Fairy Dance by Rafael Krux, CC 4.0 Overture, by Alexander Nakarada.

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Would you prefer to read it yourself? Shall we create some atmosphere. You can play this music in the background and read this pirate story for kids over it.

Pirate story for kids: The Pirate Misfortune

The pirate Misfortune jumped from the ship deck into the boat and got his feet wet.

“¡Manta Rays and Thunder Crabs! Now my feet will smell like rotten fish again”.

The pirate had been sailing for three months with his crew in search of a lost island. And for three months it had not stopped raining. Only the last two days the sun had come out and the pirates had managed to dry their clothes by hanging them on the cables of the mast. More than a pirate ship, the galleon “Anchovy” looked like a clothesline.

Under normal circumstances, the pirate Misfortune would have been furious at getting his feet wet and would have made half the crew walk the plank. But today he was happy – at last they could bury the biggest treasure any band of pirates had ever put their hands on! So spectacular was the treasure that it had almost sunk the galleon “Anchovy” because of its great weight!

“At last the day has come! Neptune has assisted us! Behold, pirates, the lost island”- exclaimed pirate Misfortune.

“My captain, I’m afraid this is not the lost island we were looking for”, reply, timidly, one cabin boy.

“How do you know!”, growled the pirate.

“Because the word itself says it: LOST. This island has already been found, so its not lost, my captain.”

The pirate Misfortune hesitated for a moment. He thought the cabin boy was right. The moment you find an island, its no longer lost! The pirate Misfortune kept quiet, lifted his eye patch to get a better look at the island. Then he began to circle around in circles, muttering words under his breath as he waved his hook. After pondering for a long moment under the expectant gaze of his crew of miscreants, he said almost to himself:

“No matter. We’ll bury the treasure here anyway”. And, addressing the crew he added: “I order you to bury the treasure here and, then, lose the island!”

“But, my Captain… if we lose the island, we lose the treasure as well”, explained the cabin boy nervously.

“Then I order you to bury the treasure, lose the island and find it again”, ordered the pirate after thinking for a few seconds.

“But my Captain, if we find the island again… it would no longer be a lost island!”, dared the cabin boy to reply, once again.

The pirate Misfortune snorted. His face turned red, purple and then blue. The entire crew shuddered.

“THEN…! I order you to bury the treasure, lose the island and lose the treasure!”

And so it is, in the middle of the ocean, there is a lost island with a lost treasure … that no one has ever managed to find! If you ever sail the Atlantic, keep a close eye on the horizon – you might just find the lost island and unearth the most magnificent pirate treasure ever known!

Curiosities about pirates

Pirates were sea robbers. They boarded ships to steal anything of value they found: not only treasure, but also artillery, slaves or the ships themselves, which they then sold for money. The word “pirate” derives from the Greek word “peirao”, which means “he who seeks fortune”. 

One of the most famous pirates was Blackbeard – the mere mention of his name frightened even the bravest sailor! It is said that Blackbeard always appeared with his face enveloped in black smoke, which made him look like a demon straight out of hell. In reality, it was a trick, because Blackbeard placed a kind of matchstick under his hat to achieve a terrifying effect.

It is likely that, in addition to pirates, you have heard of privateers. Privateers were also thieves of the sea, like pirates, but they had permission from governments to raid the ships of enemy countries. The privateers gave part of the booty to the country with which they had reached an agreement. In exchange, these “sponsored pirates” received protection and permission to use the country’s ports.

A pirate story for kids… and of Vikings, warriors, dragons…

We hope your little one liked this pirate story for kids, to be read. We will be posting many more over the next few weeks, stay tuned! Princesses, extraterrestrials, fairies, elves… The most magical characters are hidden in Short & Sweet stories! And if you like Mumablue audio stories, don’t forget to share them with other moms and dads.

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