family diversity

Family diversity, a wonderful pride

At Mumablue we stand for the family: that’s why we want to join LGBT Pride Day by advocating for family diversity. We are always committed to values such as respect, inclusion, and tolerance, values that are very present in our books in many different contexts, values that we believe are the basis of responsible and healthy education.

In Mumablue we understand the diversity as something good, that enriches our societies. Our support for the family in any of its manifestations places the focus on children and their right to be happy and loved in any family context. This commitment to family diversity is expressed in “Together“, our personalized story for one child and two adults. In this story, each child will be faithfully represented as the protagonist of the adventure together with his or her parents. It doesn’t matter if he or she has two mums or two dads because in “Together” the personalization of the family embraces all possible scenarios. As every family is unique, every book is unique!

It is not fair that a child feels different because he or she does not belong to the so-called “traditional family”. Each family is unique. Diversity is a fact, society moves forward in defense of people’s freedom, freedom marked by love. In Mumablue we believe that the only condition for a family to exist is love, a loving environment in which children can grow up in a healthy and balanced way.

That is why, every day of the year, we will defend family diversity, love, respect for other realities, equality between people in every area, inclusion (because nobody likes to be left out) and, of course, tolerance, a condition that is a symptom of empathy and typical of advanced societies that struggle, day after day, to build a better world in which we all fit. That’s what pride is all about.

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