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dragon story for kids

Here is a dragon story for kids, short and with values. “The princess and the dragon” changes the point of view. In this story, the princess is very worried because no knight comes to her rescue and her beloved dragon is about to starve to death. A beautiful story of friendship and respect offered by Mumablue, the personalized storybook brand.

First, you will find the audio version, narrated by us. If you prefer to read it yourself, you can find the text at the end of this post.

Dragon story for kids (free audio story)

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The princess and the dragon

The princess tapped her fingers nervously on the huge wooden table. Impatient tapping that was amplified in the echo of the cave.

“Do you think any of them will come today?”, she asked.

She received only a snort in reply. The dragon couldn’t speak. Sure, it was a dragon. But that didn’t matter to the princess. Her concern was quite another: it had been months since any knight had come to her rescue. The lambs were no longer enough to satisfy the dragon’s hunger. And the princess was afraid.

A few days ago, she could no longer remember how many, the princess had heard a metallic sound outside the cave, believing that, at last, her  long-awaited knight had arrived to rescue her. The dragon sat up, quickly. It lurked and prepared to spit its deadly flare.

But nothing happened. The noise had been caused by the wind stirring up the mountain of helmets and armor that belonged to the many knights devoured by the dragon. Its fire was extinguished and two light wisps of smoke escaped from its nostrils.

“Don’t lose hope, maybe one will appear tomorrow”, thought the princess.

Day by day time was increasing. And with it, the dragon’s hunger increased. When he felt he was about to faint, he chewed on the old bones that piled up at the bottom of the cave. But the princess knew that they would not last long and shuddered with fear at the thought of her fate.

On another occasion, only a few days after the last knight who tried, unsuccessfully, to rescue the princess had arrived, they had heard hoofbeats of a horse approaching, galloping, into the cave. It was indeed a horse. But no knight was riding on it. It was saddled and was dressed in a coat of mail with the colors and coats of arms of the last rider that the dragon devoured.

The princess gently lured the horse and guided it -poor small animal- into the dragon’s hungry jaws. That would be enough for now, but… how long would it survive?

The princess was worried. It had been months since any knight had come to her rescue and her beloved dragon was nothing but skin and bone.

“Nothing I can do, dear dragon, to keep you from starving to death”.

Audio story based on a micro story by Diego Sañudo

The princess and the dragon is an audio story that has its origin in a short story by Spanish journalist and writer Diego Sañudo Arce, extracted from his work “Juego de niños” published by La Tinta del Silencio. This work turned out to be the best seller in the publisher’s catalog.

“The princess was worried. It had been months since any knight had come to her rescue and her beloved dragon was nothing but skin and bone.”

The micro-story is quoted, as is, at the end of the audio story. It is important to note that “Juego de niños” is a work for adults, a perspective from which this micro-story has a greater interpretative dimension. However, when we read it, it seemed to us that it could be developed as a children’s story from which the youngest children could also extract an interesting reading, by changing the point of view: the dragon is no longer a ruthless being feared by the princess, but loved and protected by her.

Thus arose the idea of “desecrating” this short work and transforming it into a dragon story for kids, which children and adults will enjoy, always, of course, with the permission of its author, to whom we express our gratitude, because we know that it is not easy to see your work transformed from the interpretation of a third party. You can find his profile on Twitter: Narratorio.

Dragon story for kids… and more

We hope your child has enjoyed this dragon story for kids. It changes the point of view, leaving aside the idea that the dragon is always evil. In the audio story “The Princess and the Dragon”, the main character waits for her knight, but not to be rescued, but to be able to feed her adored friend.

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