Christmas story for kids + free audio story

Christmas story for kids

Christmas is approaching and parents are looking for a nice Christmas story for kids to read, a story full of magic and illusion, but also rich in values and highlighting the true spirit of Christmas. This Christmas story for kids meets those requirements, emphasising the values of solidarity, kindness and generosity.

In “Mission: Save Christmas”, Mumablue, the leading character faces a great challenge. Santa Claus has suffered an accident with his sleigh on Christmas Eve and will not be able to deliver the presents. Mumablue must take the reins (of the sleigh and of the situation) and replace Santa Claus by delivering presents around the world. When he visits a very poor house he realizes that there are children in the world who cannot even have a Christmas present, which will lead to a nice act of generosity on his part.

Christmas story for listening to

Below you have available the text of “Mission: Save Christmas”, but if you prefer you can listen to this Christmas story for kids directly in its magical audio version, narrated in second person so that your child feels that he or she is the main character of the story.

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Christmas story for kids

If you prefer to read it directly to your child, here is the text. You can put these Christmas melodies in the background and replace Mumablue’s name with your child’s name, to make it even more magical.

Christmas story for kids: “Mission: save Christmas”

It’s Christmas Eve and Mumablue cannot sleep. He has butterflies in his tummy. Mumablue is too excited waiting for Santa Claus to arrive! This year Mumablue has been very good, so he has asked for three presents in his letter to Santa. Mumablue is convinced that Santa Claus will bring them all!

Just when Mumablue manages to get to sleep, a loud noise wakes him up. Through the window, Mumablue makes out Santa’s sleigh. It has crashed into a tree! Mumablue runs out into the street to help Santa Claus, who has gone flying and is lying on the ground.

“That’s what happens when I don’t fasten the seatbelt”, grumbles the kindly old man.

Once freed from the sleigh, Santa Claus feels dizzy, limps and does not feel well. Mumablue asks him to come into the house and helps him lie down on the couch.

“Thank you very much for your help. You are a very good {avatar-1-gender[boy|girl]}”, says Santa Claus.

“My name is Mumablue. You don’t have to thank me at all, it’s my pleasure!

The minutes go by, but Santa Claus doesn’t get better. He is a little nervous because this incident could ruin the delivery of all the presents. Santa Claus thinks that the only solution is for Mumablue to make the deliveries.

“I cannot get up, my head is spinning… Could you deliver the presents for me?” asks Santa Claus.

“Sure I can! Tell me how to do it”, says Mumablue, accepting.

With difficulty, Santa Claus gets up and walks towards the sleigh. The reindeer seem very worried and start to move about restlessly. Santa Claus calms them down while he gets Mumablue to stroke them on the nose so the animals become familiar with his smell.

“Let me introduce you to Dasher, Dancer, Vixen, Comet, Prancer, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen… and, of course, Rudolph!

Santa Claus shows Mumablue how to use the computer on board. It has all the addresses of the deliveries and acts as a guide to Santa Claus if the clouds hide the North Star.

It would be very useful for Mumablue, since he still doesn’t know how to navigate by the stars.

“This screen shows which packages go to each house”, points out Santa Claus.

“Fantastic! That way I won’t be frightened of getting it wrong”, answers Mumablue.

“You must leave the presents according to the tradition of each family: under the tree, in the stocking or next to a pair of shoes”.

The magic lantern is what amazes Mumablue the most. It lets you see with total clarity without anyone waking up, since its light is not seen by people.

“I asked my elves who invented this gadget because I was fed up with banging my shins against the furniture”, recalls Santa Claus, satisfied with his idea.

Finally, Santa Claus ties to Mumablue’s wrist his magic watch, capable of making time pass more slowly so that all the presents can be delivered in just one night.

“And if any boy or girl wakes up, you’ll be able to stop time and walk in front of them without them seeing you! Ho, ho, ho”, laughs Santa Claus.

After asking lots and lots of questions, Mumablue is ready to go. So Mumablue climbs onto the sleigh, says goodbye to Santa Claus and shakes the reins. The reindeer set off and the sleigh rises smoothly.

“And don’t forget to put on your seatbelt!” shouts Santa Claus while Mumablue moves away in the air.

At their first stop Mumablue is very nervous, worried about forgetting an instruction and that the presents delivery will not go well. But Mumablue knows that the mission is very important, so he takes a deep breath and jumps down the chimney.

Once inside the house, Mumablue lights the magic lantern and places the presents beneath the tree. It has been very easy! Calmer and more confidently, Mumablue continues his journey without delay. He has a whole world ahead!

Mumablue does not feel tired, despite having visited thousands of homes. The different types of food they leave him as a gift in many homes fill him with a mysterious energy: Christmas candies, ginger biscuits, fruit pies… Mumablue savors each of these delights without hurrying, while the magic watch makes the time pass more slowly.

“I would love to have one like this!” Mumablue tells Rudolph the reindeer.

After visiting an infinite number of houses full of pretty and colorful Christmas decorations, Mumablue comes to a very distinctive house. There are no decorations on its door or windows and it is clearly a very old house. The computer shows him that the presents are not toys but household objects.

“How strange, maybe there is no child living here”, thinks Mumablue.

Once inside the house, Mumablue is even more confused. It is obvious that there are children living there, Mumablue knows because of the small stockings hanging from the chimney. They are all darned. The sound of approaching footsteps snaps Mumablue out of his trance and he becomes alert.

With extraordinary speed, Mumablue presses the button to stop the time on the magic watch. She cannot let them discover him! The person responsible for the footsteps is a four-year-old boy who has become frozen with the time being stopped. According to the list it is little Sven. But… is it possible that Sven has asked Santa Claus for a frying pan?

Mumablue then realizes what has happened. The family is so poor that the children have asked for objects they need at home, utensils that will make life easier for everyone. Mumablue is very moved. It is not fair that in the world there are children that cannot have a Christmas present!

No siree! No way! At least, it’s not going to happen while it depends on him. So Mumablue runs to the sleigh in search of his own presents. Mumablue carefully places his packages next to the others. Mumablue rejoices thinking how happy Sven and his brothers and sisters will be when they wake up and discover the surprise!

After visiting many more houses, Mumablue returns with the mission accomplished. When Santa Claus checks whether all the deliveries are correct, the computer shows an incident: Mumablue’s presents are in another house. Santa Claus smiles tenderly: he has realized that it is not a mistake but an act of generosity.
“Everything in order, Mumablue. You have ensured that no child goes without a Christmas present”, says Santa Claus feigningly while saying goodbye with a high five.

On Christmas morning there is no package for Mumablue. His family are very surprised because they know that Mumablue has been very good indeed.
“I asked Santa Claus to take my presents to other children who needed them more than I did”, explains Mumablue, while he imagines eagerly the joy that Sven and his brothers and sisters will feel when they discover their presents.

At this moment there is a knock on the door. On opening, Mumablue discovers a mysterious package on the ground. A note accompanies it: “Did you think I wouldn’t notice your act of generosity? Little Mumablue… Santa Claus knows everything! Thank you for being so caring. Merry Christmas, friend!”.

Inside the package Mumablue finds a present. It is just what he wanted: a magic watch, especially for him, with which Mumablue will be able to control the time!

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Christmas story for kids

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