Bullying story for kids + free audio story

bullying story for kids

Many parents are looking for a bullying story for kids, with the aim of making their children see this unpleasant reality and alert them to it, both to learn to identify and defend themselves from bullying, and to prevent the boy or girl themselves from becoming a bully.

Today we bring you a proposal that can help in this sense: “Adventures in Alaska”. It tells the story of a bear, Brownie, who is rejected by the other bears in the group, who consider him a slow and clumsy bear. You can enjoy it in its audio version or read it to him in your own voice. You’ll find the text to read at the end of this article.

Music Public Domain: One step closer by Rafael Krux, The Crown by Alexander Nakarada y New Age R Water Shine by Frank Nora.

Personalized and printed full color bullying story for kids

If you liked this bullying story for kids, it is available in its very special version: the customized, full-color printed book.Adventures in Alaska” is a personalized story in which the child is the main character of the story with their name and physical features, so it is much easier for children to put themselves in the situation, identify with the story and better internalize the teaching of the perniciousness of bullying among children.

Bullying story for kids

In “Adventures in Alaska” in print, the child who is the main character of the story is neither the bullied person nor, of course, the bully. The young character is in the role of seeing it from the outside, empathizing with Brownie the bear and helping him show others that he deserves respect. Thus, this bullying story for kids also shows the reality of those who are not directly involved in a case of bullying, but who have in their hands the power to stop it.

It is a very useful title based on the values of empathy, self-esteem and bullying prevention, recommended for children from 2 years of age, with hard cover, printed in high quality, with anti-stain and anti-fingerprint coating on all pages and includes a “Search and find” game, a “Did you know” section with information about Alaska, bees, bears or the Aurora Borealis, and a 100% customizable page to include a personal dedication and a photo of the young character. Adventures in Alaska is not only a beautiful and entertaining story, but also an educational tool and a precious souvenir for life..

bullying story for kids

Adventures in Alaska to read to children

Once again, Mumablue’s family rented a house so that they could spend their summer vacation in… Alaska! Mumablue had some very special friends there. A group of little bear cubs! Their names were Clip, Lilia, Zape and Brownie. As soon as he stepped foot in Alaska, Mumablue went into the forest to look for his friends.

“Clip! Lilia! Zape! Brownie! Where are you hiding?”, Mumablue called

Suddenly Brownie appeared. He’d grown so much! Mumablue was very happy to see him and tried to give him a hug, but Brownie was so big now that he couldn’t even get his arms around his waist.

“Brownie, where are the other bears?”, he asked.

Brownie told Mumablue that his friends had gone exploring without him because they thought of him as a slow and clumsy bear.

“Don’t worry, Brownie, I’ll help you learn to fish and collect honey! Let’s start by catching some salmon”.

But Brownie didn’t seem to be very good at catching salmon. The fish leaped out of the water right in front of him, but he wasn’t able to catch a single one.

“Hey, it’s OK, Brownie. Let’s go and collect some honey”, said Mumablue.

Later, they found a honeycomb in an oak tree, but when Brownie tried to reach the honey, the honeycomb fell out of the branch. They had to run away as fast as they could so the angry bees wouldn’t sting them.

“I’m a useless bear! I can’t even catch salmon or collect honey”, lamented Brownie.

“Cheer up, Brownie! You’re a wonderful bear and you’ll always be my friend”.

At that moment an eagle landed on Mumablue’s shoulders and lifted him a few feet off the ground. Mumablue was very scared!

“Heeeelp meeeee!”

When he saw the eagle about to fly away with his friend, Brownie let out a growl that could be heard throughout every corner of Alaska. The terrified eagle let go of Mumablue and Brownie caught him before he fell to the ground.

“Brownie, you saved me! You’re my hero! Let’s look for the other cubs to tell them how brave you’ve been”.

Brownie and Mumablue were very happy! When they found the other bears, Mumablue told them how Brownie had saved him from the eagle’s talons and stopped him from falling to the ground. Clip, Lilia and Zape congratulated Brownie on being so bold and brave.

“Thank you so much, Mumablue. To show you how grateful I am, I’d like to take you to see something very special”, said Brownie.

So Mumablue and Brownie went off together to see the Northern Lights. Mumablue was really impressed watching the sky turn so many colors. It was beautiful!

“Brownie, it’s getting late and I have to go home to my family. Can we see each other tomorrow?”.

“Of course, Mumablue. I’ll meet you early tomorrow morning by the river so we can keep practicing catching salmon. High five, friend!”.

Clip, Lilia and Zape realized that they should never turn their backs on a friend even if he acts clumsily at times. And, with the help of Mumablue, Brownie learned to believe in himself and to become a loyal, and brave friend.

And with Mumablue and Brownie happy and satisfied, Mumablue will say goodbye until next time.

Bullying story for kids

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