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space story for kids

Looking for a cute, educational and readable aliens story for kids? Here it is. When an alien ship lands in Villablue, three children will embark with them in their spaceship with a single goal: to find out if the moon is really made of cheese.

This is a free educational initiative offered by the Mumablue, the brand of personalized books for kids. These are printed stories, ideal for gifts, in which the child who receives the gift is the main character of each story.

Audio story Cheese Moon

If you prefer, this aliens story for kids is told by us.

Music Public Domain: Magic in the garden by Rafael Krux. CC 3.0 Driving concern by Kevin MacLeod. CC 4.0 Bouchedag by Alexander Nakarada.

Aliens story for kids

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Aliens story for kids to read: “Cheese Moon”

Jada, Charlotte and Huxley were playing in their tree hut when they heard noises coming from a clearing in the forest. The sun had set and darkness was  beginning to fall over Villablue, but a strange glow was emanating from the clearing. 

The children approached stealthily, hiding behind the bushes so they could observe without being discovered. And what they saw left them frozen: Aliens were running around a spaceship!

“Let’s go, if they discover us they will take us to their planet and experiment on us! I saw it once in a movie”, exclaimed Huxley.

Charlotte remained mute. She was very frightened. But the truth is that those aliens didn’t seem to be a threat. They were playing, jumping and laughing. Jada realized that they were children, just like them.

“They won’t do anything to us! They just want to play”, said Jada.

And before any of them could react, Jada was already heading towards them with determination.

“Hello! Welcome to Villablue, did you lose your way?”, Jada asked.

The aliens did not speak their language, but they had an automatic translation system to communicate with the Earthlings.

No, we know the Earth very well, we usually come here once a year on a school trip”, replied one of the aliens.

The extraterrestrials explained to Jada that they sometimes borrowed their father’s spaceship and ventured out into the universe.

“¡Woooow! I’d love to meet the moon – I hear it’s made of cheese!”, exclaimed Jada.

The aliens looked at each other, displeased, as they did not know what cheese was. On their planet there were no mammals and therefore they had no milk to make cheese.

If you want you can join us” -invited them the alien.

Jada was overjoyed. She couldn’t believe she was going to travel to Space! She thought her parents wouldn’t worry, since she had permission to sleep in the tree house that night. It took her a while to convince Charlottee and Huxley, but finally the three of them boarded the ship. What other chance in life would they have to go up in a spaceship?

The liftoff was spectacular, and very fast! Once through the atmosphere, Jada saw the Earth getting farther and farther away. The alien spacecraft was incredibly fast. It wasn’t long before the descent began.They had reached the moon! The aliens gave them spacesuits before opening the hatch.

The moon was amazing! Rather than walking, you had to move around in little jumps, almost like floating. It was so much fun! However, Jada was a little disappointed to discover that the moon was not made of cheese: it’s hard rind was made of stone and dust. There was nothing but craters, not the Gruyere cheese holes it looked like when the moon was viewed from earth.

Still, kids and aliens had a great time – they played and laughed so much that they got hungry like wolves! 

Fortunately, Jada, Charlotte and Huxley had all the provisions in their backpacks with which they planned to spend their special night in the cabin. So they organized an unusual picnic. Crackers, sandwiches, cookies, chips… and different kinds of cheese! The aliens loved it!

“Good thing the moon is not made of cheese, otherwise we would have eaten it long ago” -said the alien.

They all laughed heartily. Earthlings and aliens had spent a formidable night! An experience they would never forget. 

Since that adventure, Jada always looked up at the sky on moonlit nights. And even though she saw for herself that it was a celestial body made of rock, she never stopped imagining that it was a big Gruyere cheese.

Aliens story for kids

Curiosities about the arrival of man on the Moon

In July 1969, astronaut Neil Armstrong, aboard Apollo 11, became the first man to set foot on the moon. Since then, only 12 astronauts on six different missions have traveled to our satellite. All of them in the following three years.

We can know what sensations are experienced on the lunar surface thanks to the account of some of the astronauts who stepped on it. They said that one of the most curious things is the silence; absolutely nothing can be heard. And that the sky is completely black because, although the sun shines, as there is no atmosphere on the moon, there are no molecules to scatter the light.

Another strange sensation the astronauts reported was the smell. Some described it as the smell of wet ash. Others said it reminded them of gunpowder, which smells like when someone throws a firecracker. Also, the proximity of the horizon is surprising: it seems to be very close when in fact it is not. What happens is that since there is absolutely nothing on the moon (no trees, no buildings, no light poles…) the human eye cannot take a reference, that’s why it gives the sensation of being very close to the horizon.

On the moon there are no floating clouds of dust either: if dust is kicked up, it disappears instantly, as if it were sucked up by a big vacuum cleaner. But, without a doubt, the most marvelous thing is the sensation of floating! On the moon there is six times less gravity than on Earth, so bodies are not attracted to the ground with the same speed. That’s why the astronauts we see walking on the moon do it by making funny little jumps that keep them suspended in the air. It would be fantastic to be able to travel to the moon, don’t you think?

Aliens story for kids… and much more!

Your youngster has almost certainly enjoyed this aliens story for kids a lot. Young children are amazed by the stories of the universe! In this story we rescue a fictional idea that is already well established in the collective imagination: that the moon is a big cheese floating in space.

Children will have fun with some crazy aliens and the adventures of the main character, who travel to the moon aboard a very particular space rocket. In addition, at the end of the story they will learn amazing oddities about the arrival of man on the Moon.

This aliens story for kids is just the beginning! You can find many others on our page of children’s stories to read and listen to, take a look!