Ghost story for kids, short, free and funny + audio story

Ghost story for kids

Here’s a ghost story for kids to read. It’s free and a lot of fun. Kids love ghost stories and this one has it all: a ghost, a castle… and a creepy little girl who won’t let it scare her. A terrifyingly fun idea! If you prefer, we’ll narrate it ourselves. Here is the audio story!  You can find the audio story for read below the audio story.

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Public Domain Music: Nightmare, by Alexander Nakarada; Ambush in Rattlesnake Gulch, by Brian Boyko; Magic in the Garden, by Rafael Krux.

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Ghost story for kids: Yost the ghost

That night Yost, the ghost, went out for the first time to walk the corridors of the castle. Host had no experience, he was a novice ghost. He had inherited that dilapidated castle from his uncle Lecter, the specter who is mean, obscene and like to demean. Thank goodness it was it was still clean!

Yost, on the other hand, was a very arrogant ghost. But his uncle Lecter, the specter, had left him no decent clothes in the closet. So he wore a simple white sheet.

He was very restless! It was his first night on the job! Yost, the ghost, held a candle in his hand and dragged an iron ball attached to the ankle by a shackle. His bones sounded like a rattle!

Suddenly, he went pale. Pale under the sheet. At the end of the gallery was a little girl. How nerve racking! He was going to give his first scare and he wanted it to be perfect. Yost backed behind the corner. He tied his sheet, polished his ball and shackle, gargled and trained his voice a little.


When he was ready, he took a deep breath and began to walk down the gallery, ululating, raising his arms, dragging his chains, making a face like a bad ghost (although you couldn’t see him because he was under the sheet).

The girl saw him approaching, but didn’t budge a hair on his jerkin. It was clear that Yost, the ghost, didn’t scare her one bit. . Yost was strained, pained, drained…. And ashamed! He blew
his boogers with the beak of the sheet. Pearl, the girl, looked at him with disdain.

“You wouldn’t scare even a mouse! Get out of here, newbie! I said get out of here new! -said the arrogant girl”

Yost, the ghost, couldn’t take it anymore. As a novice ghost he was very overwhelmed, so he burst into tears. He cried so hard and so loud that, within minutes, his sheet was floating in a puddle on the floor.

Pearl, the girl, picked up the sheet and gave it to the laundry maid. Yost was dipped in burning hot water, filled with soap, scrubbed on the washboard and rinsed with ice water. As if that wasn’t enough, they twisted him to wring him out. What a beating! Then they hung him from a rope in the sun, between a pair of polo shirts and panties. What a disgrace!

The next day, the maid picked up Yost, the ghost, from the rope. She starched him, perfumed him and ironed him. Not a wrinkle was left on him – who knew he was 1,200 years old!

Yost, the ghost walked the castle’s corridors again that night. He went up to the battlements, down to the dungeons, discovered secret passages and hidden spiral staircases. He felt beautiful, lustrous, pompous… so much so that he thought he no longer fit in that ruined castle. So, he hung a sign from the lift gate, a notice that read: “Ghost needed.”

And so, without any baggage, he moved into the luxurious palace where his friend Fatima, the anima, lived. Who, by the way, told him to stay with her forever because he was very, very, handsome.

Ghost story to read… and monsters, vampires, dragons…

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