Different Little Red Riding Hood story + audio story

Little Red Riding Hood different story

Many moms and dads are looking for a Little Red Riding Hood story different from the original, a reinvented, free and fun story to surprise the children, based on the classic story, well known by youngsters. It is precisely the fact of breaking with the traditional tale that captivates them, because knowing the original story, the surprise factor of the reinvention amuses children and makes them laugh out loud.

If you want your youngster to have a good time, we recommend “Rebellious Little Red Riding Hood“, the funniest version of the Little Red Riding Hood story. You can also enjoy it represented in audio story with different voices, music and effects. An audio story of Little Red Riding Hood like no other you’ve ever heard, word!

Música: CC 0 Morning Mood (Gynt Suite n°1), de Edvard Grieg.

In addition, this version of Little Red Riding Hood can be represented in family because it is dramatized. And you can put this music in the background to give it more atmosphere. Be bold with this story of Little Red Riding Hood with a different and unexpected ending!

“Rebellious Little Red Riding Hood”, a different story

NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl who always wore a
red hooded cloak to protect herself from the cold. That’s why everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood.

LITTLE RED.: Okay, stop, stop, stop. I think that’s enough, don’t you?

NARRATOR: But who is it? Who’s speaking?

LITTLE RED: Who’s it going to be? It’s me, Little Red Riding Hood, you’ve been telling
this story for over 350 years, and now you’re going to tell me you don’t recognize me?!

NARRATOR: Uh, yes… well… I’m sorry, it’s just that I…

LITTLE RED: You, nothing! I’m a bit fed up with this tale, ¿you know? First of all, what’s this “Little Red Riding Hood”, that’s not a name. My name is Agnes!

NARRATOR: Oh, Agnes, right, well…

NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl who always wore a red hooded cloak to protect her from the cold. That’s why everybody called her… Agnes.

NARRATOR: Hey, I’m sorry, but this doesn’t fit.

LITTLE RED: What doesn’t fit?

NARRATOR: Well, calling her Agnes because she wears a red hooded cloak.

LITTLE RED: That’s another one! Hooded cloaks went out of fashion a long time ago. I prefer…
A Hello Kitty sweater!

NARRATOR: I don’t know if that doesn’t spoil the story a little bit…

LITTLE RED: It spoils the story for you? EX-CUSE-ME! I’ve been doing everything you say
for a few centuries. From now on I’m in charge. Jeez Louise, you would think I was asking for the world…

NARRATOR: All right, all right. Let’s try…

NARRATOR: Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl who
always wore a Hello Kitty sweater to keep out the cold. That’s why everyone called her… Agnes

NARRATOR: Like this?


NARRATOR: Agnes Kitty. lived in a little house near the forest. One day, her mother asked her to take to her granny a basket of sweets and a little jar of honey, because the old lady was ill and lived alone on the other side of the forest….

LITTLE RED: Okay, stop, stop, stop. Stop it again. I don’t like the whole sick granny thing, you know? You’ve got us worried all day long about this! And, come to think of it, are you telling me to go visit my granny?

NARRATOR: Well… yes.

LITTLE RED: Really? But don’t you know there’s pandemic and I can’t go near my granny?

NARRATOR: Oh, well, I hadn’t thought about that, of course…

LITTLE RED: But you don’t think! You just repeat the same story over, and over, and over again.

NARRATOR: What if you leave the basket at the door?

LITTLE RED: Hmmm… okay. That way I have time later to run some PRI-VA-TE errands I have to do.

NARRATOR: One day, her mommy asked her to bring hes granny – who was quarantined– a basket of candy and a jar of hand sanitizer, but warned her not to go near, because of coronavirus, and to leave the basket at the door.


LITTLE RED: What’s going on, narrator? Go on!

NARRATOR: Hmmm, I don’t know, it’s just that this story is getting a little weird….

NARRATOR: But besides that, her mother gave her another warning: she had to
watch out for the big bad wolf that lived in the forest.

LITTLE RED: Big bad wolf? Really? But he’s a coward! You gave him such a hard time
with that hunter at the end of the tale that he’s already afraid of me. Seriously! He hides whenever he sees me coming!

NARRATOR: But without the big bad wolf, there is no tale! I’m sure he doesn’t mind.

LITTLE RED: He doesn’t mind? Chssst, hey, wolf. Come here, come here.

WOLF: What’s the matter! If something has happened to your granny, it wasn’t me, huh?

LITTLE RED: No, you didn’t. It’s just that I’m here arguing with the narrator of our story.

WOLF: Oh, really? Well, I quit!

NARRATOR: Wait a minute, you can’t quit. You’re the most important character in the story.

LITTLE RED: The most important? Hey, excuse me, but what’s the name of the tale?

NARRATOR: Little Red Riding Hood.

LITTLE RED: That’s right. From now on, Agnes Kitty! Don’t forget it.

WOLF: Who is Agnes Kitty?

GRANNY: Little Red Riding Hood! I’ve been waiting for you for an hour. What are you doing here?

LITTLE RED: My name is Agnes, jeez!

WOLF: Agnes? You’re kidding! (LAUGHS)

LITTLE RED: And what are you laughing at? Bonehead!

WOLF: Good morning, Mrs. Cumberbatch.

GRANNY: Oh, shut your trap, wolf! I’m not in the mood.

LITTLE RED: But, Granny….

GRANNY: Sometimes it’s like I’m talking to myself…
(SPEAKING TO LITTLE RED) Bring the basket over here.
(SPEAKING TO THE WOLF) And you, get out!

WOLF: I don’t want to!
(SPEAKING TO THE NARRATOR) Narrator, I want this lady changed, she tastes stale.

GRANNY: Ohh I’m stale, huh? How dare you, you filthy wolf! You always leave my bed full of

NARRATOR: Okay, OKAY! Let’s have a little order. Now, one by one, each of you tell me what you want to change in the story?

LITTLE RED:: I want my mother to put chips and chocolate doughnuts in the basket. You know, for the road…

GRANNY: I want you to change this flea-ridden wolf for a more…, I don’t know, more… original animal.

LITTLE RED: A unicorn!

GRANNY: Don’t overdo it.

WOLF: What I don’t like is when that hunter shows up with the axe at the end.

GRANNY: Yes, I want another animal! A better animal! One that’s cleaner, more… shiny. Something that eats me little by little instead of all in one big bite!

LITTLE RED: You know, sometimes I ask myself: Why not my mother? Why do I always have to bring granny a basket of sweets? Why can’t she do it? I say, let her go!

WOLF: Oh!  Maybe instead of the hunter carrying an axe, he carries a laser sword! 

LITTLE RED: “What a big mouth you have” saying all that… makes me look silly, you know? Do you think this wolf looks anything like my granny? Even if he’s wearing a nightgown?

GRANNY: I don’t want to live in a cabin in the woods. I want to live on a beach in Florida.

LOBO: I know! Let them change the granny for a young girl with more tender flesh.

LITTLE RED: I mean, honestly, the whole closing granny in a closet versus eatiner her thing – it depends on the story, doesn’t it? It’s really up to whoever tells it, but personally, I don’t like it, I could really do without that part.

GRANNY: Yes, I definitely want to go to Florida. You know, that’s where my friend Aretha is, do you remember when she used to come and visit us in the woods? She used to bring us golf souvenirs.

WOLF: I don’t want to, no, no, no. I don’t want to work on this story anymore! What I would really like is to be given a vacation!

NARRATOR: All right, that’s enough. Either you talk one at a time, or I’m done with this.

LITTLE RED: Oh, threatening us now, huh?

GRANNY:  Imagine, at MY age, giving ME orders! Well, how dare you! What did you say his name was? Narra… narra what?

LITTLE RED.: Can you believe it?  The audacity.  Not to mention the fact that she’s been telling us for centuries that you have to do this, you have to do that…

WOLF: Seriously! The truth is that this lady is making me a little nervous, if I would have known, I would have stayed in the cave.

NARRATOR: Agnes Kitty was walking through the forest when the wolf appeared. Where are you going, Agnes? – he asked. She told him she was going to Florida, to leave a basket on her granny’s doorstep. The wolf suggested a race to Florida and Agnes thought it was a very good idea. But the wolf, who was very clever, sent her on the long way and arrived much earlier at her granny’s cottage, who was a very young granny. He ate her, bathed to get rid of the fleas, put on her nightgown and got into bed. When Agnes Kitty arrived, she immediately realized that this was not her granny and sent a Whatsapp to a hunter who came to her aid, opened the wolf’s belly with a laser sword (which leaves no scars) and rescued her granny.


NARRATOR: Like this?

LITTLE RED: What a mess!

GRANNY: Yeah, you didn’t try very hard, huh?

NARRATOR: But… that’s how you said you wanted it….

WOLF: Wait a minute, wait a minute!

LITTLE RED: No, no no hold on…

GRANNY: Whoa, whoa, patience, my dear, patience….

NARRATOR: And they all lived happily ever after! 

Little Red Riding Hood Curiosities

Little Red Riding Hood is one of the most famous classic tales. It is a story of oral tradition that has been told to children since immemorial times. The oldest writing in which Little Red Riding Hood appears is a Latin poem from almost a thousand years ago.

The first author to write down the story as it is today was the French writer Perrault, author of other famous tales that you will know, such as The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella or Tom Thumb. Later, the story of Little Red Riding Hood would also be picked up by the Brothers Grimm. In any case, it is a cautionary tale that tries to teach children the dangers of trusting strangers.

If you think about it, Little Red Riding Hood is a rather cruel tale and that is why over the centuries and depending on which author told it, it was changed little by little. But whether it is one version of the story or another, the truth is that all children know it! Despite being so famous, Disney never made a movie about Little Red Riding Hood. How curious!

Little Red Riding Hood has become a very representative character in folk tales. Did you know that there are several statues of Little Red Riding Hood all over the world? You can find them in cities like Barcelona (Spain), Berlin (Germany) or Buenos Aires (Argentina) – if someday you are close by, you can visit them!

We have more versions of fairy tales!

At Mumablue we love revisiting the classics, reinventing those tales that sweetened our childhood and bringing them a little closer to today’s values. That’s what we’ve tried to do with “Rebellious Little Red Riding Hood”, a story with a different ending to the original, which has been a great success in its original audio version, in Spanish, reaching almost 2,000 downloads in just two weeks after its publication. Ten months later, it already exceeds 20,000.

If your youngster liked this story, he or she will find the story “Mr. Wolf looking for a new job” funny (Available in English soon), a story in which the bad guy, tired of everyone’s dislike for him, decides to change jobs. The story will also feature Rebellious Little Red Riding Hood (or Agnes Kitty, as she prefers to be called) and will give continuity to the parallel story that we at Mumablue have invented for both characters.

But that’s not all, we also love to strip the princesses of classic fairy tales of their traditional role of “long-suffering girl waiting for her Prince Charming”, as you can see in our poem-story “Sleeping Beauty’s Dream” and “The Upside Down Tale” (both avalaible in English soon). Or “The True Story of Hansel and Gretel”, that propose very different visions of the traditional stories. You can find these classic tales reinvented and many others on our page of children’s stories to read.