Cuentos de Halloween en inglés: teatro + audiocuento gratis

cuentos de Halloween en inglés

En esta época es muy habitual que los padres busquen cuentos de Halloween en inglés para incentivar a sus hijos a leer en este idioma. Hoy os traemos una propuesta muy especial: uno de los cuentos de Halloween en inglés más divertidos y sencillos de leer, ya que se trata de un relato teatralizado que a tu peque le resultará más ameno.

Además, hay una sorpresa, ya que incluye la versión en audiocuento, una pieza dramatizada, llena de “aterradoras” músicas y efectos, que ayudarán a tu peque a comprender mejor el texto escrito. Además, se puede escuchar de forma independiente para educar el oído en la fonética inglesa. ¡Un ejercicio de listening que no se espera!

Audiocuento de Halloween en inglés: el listening más divertido

Public Domain Music: Consecrated Ground, by Alexander Nakarada

A continuación te dejamos el texto para que lo podáis leer online, directamente.

Noche de Halloween

Witch narrator: Good evening, dear boys and girls… Halloween night is coming. It’s the most important night for monsters! Vampires, mummies, zombies, ghosts, skeletons, witches… they are all getting ready for their big party, with only one goal: (WHISPER) To scare boys and girls like you. (WITCHY LAUGH) Only those of you who are REALLY brave will be able to endure this terrifying short and sweet story. You! Yes, you! On the other side of the speaker… Are you brave enough? Yes? Are you sure? Then come with me, I’ll take you to the haunted mansion for a terrifying night!

Lady Anguish: (ANGUSTIATED) What the devil! We will not be ready on time! It’s getting dark! Get it together! Are you monsters or headless chickens? The mortal children are going to start arriving and we have nothing ready!

Vampire: (ROARING VOICE): Do I look good in this suit?

Lady Anguish: Oh my…! Where are you going with that ratty cape! You don´t look like a vampire, you look like a moth-eaten closet.

Little Mummy: Lady Anguish… have you seen my bandages? I took them off to wash them and…

Lady Anguish: Oh, Denialy, dear, I don’t know! Go and look in the…

Little Mummy: (INTERRUMP) I don’t want to!!!!

Lady Anguish: (SNORTS) Let’s see! (TO OTHERS) Has anyone seen mummy Denialy’s bandages?

Frankenstein: If that’s what was lying outside, auntie Suffering took them to walk Doggy Bones.

Doggy Bones: (BARKING)

Lady Anguish: (RESIGNED): Denialy, one day you’re going to lose your mind.

Little Monster: Mom, I’ve lost my mind!!!!

Lady Anguish: (CHUCKLING): I’m not bloody surprised!! You leave everything lying around and then you can’t find anything!

Ghost girl: (GHOSTLY VOICE) Mooooommmyyyyy… (GHOSTLY LAUGHS) Come and play with us… (GHOSTLY LAUGHS)

Lady Anguish: Honey, I can’t play now, don’t you see I’m busy?

Ghost girl: (DEVIL VOICE) Come and play with us!!!!

Lady Anguish: Don’t use that voice! You’ll hurt your throat!

Ghost girl: (SWEET VOICE) As you wish, mommy.

Lady Anguish: Oh, Uncle Vampi is coming out of the coffin!

Grandpa: Noooo, it’s my knees, it’s getting harder and harder to get up every day… Vampi? He won’t get up early, not even for an open bar of blood!

Yost ghost: (ANXIOUS AND TIMID VOICE) My sheet! I’ve lost my sheet!!! (CRIES) Just today, when I make my debut as a ghost on Halloween!

Lady Anguish: Let’s see… keep calm. (TO OTHERS, RESIGNED) Has anyone seen Yost the ghost’s sheet?

Grandpa: I think the little vampire took it… she said she was sleepy and was going to bed.

Lady Anguish: Now? But the sun has just set!!


Lady Anguish: There’s Lecter, the specter, fussing with the piano. (SHOUTS) Lecteeeer, play quieter!

Lecter: (SPECTRAL VOICE, FAR AWAY) I’m practicing the requiem.

Lady Anguish: Where did you get that voice?

Lecter: (RIDICULOUS AND HIGH-PITCHED VOICE): What do you think if I scare the children
like this, with the voice of “other tomb”?

Lady Anguish: You mean “voice of UL-TRA-TOMB”!

Lecter: (RIDICULOUS AND HIGH-PITCHED VOICE): From other tomb, it’s scarier, isn’t it? To
me, at least…

Little Monster: (COVERING NOSE): It smells awful in here. Who did it?

Ghost girl: (MOCKER, SINGING): If you smeeeeelt it, you deeeeeeealt it.

Lady Anguish: Guys, a little respect! (WHISPERING) It’s Grandpa Zombie, he’s just arrived. (URGE TO CHILD 1) Go help him put on his rags, run. (URGE TO CHILD 2) And you, open a window…

Lady Anguish: (CALLING) Granny Potions! Have you brought the soil from the cemetery to
plant the chrysanthemums?

Granny Potions: (WITCHY VOICE) No, I haven’t finished packing the poop-flavored candy yet (WITCHY LAUGH)

Lady Anguish: Child, tell your aunt Catrina to come here.

Catrina: What can I help you, Lady Anguish?

Lady Anguish: You forgot your jaw on the floor, snap it back into your skull before someone steps on it.

Lady Anguish: Oh, that must be the bogeyman!

Catrina: Who is the bogeyman?

Lady Anguish: I think in Mexico they call it “coco”.

Little Monster: Coco? (ENTHUSIASED) The one from the movie?

Lady Anguish: Noooo. The bogeyman. Who takes away children who sleep poorly who sleep too little.

Catrina: Oh, Coco! I love that movie! And the version they did of the Chabela Vargas song is very nice! (SINGS)

Y aunque la vida me cueste, llorona,
no dejaré de quererte.


Lady Anguish: It’s time! Is everyone ready? Where’s the little monster that lives inside the closet?

Grandpa: He says he doesn’t want to come out. He’s afraid of children.

Lady Anguish: What nonsense!


Lady Anguish: (URGENTLY): There they are, the first ones have arrived!!! (PAUSE) Ready? (HAWK)


Mortal girl: Trick or treat?!!!!

All monsters: Booooooh! Booooooooooohh )


Mortal girl: Well, some bunch of monsters you are! You wouldn’t even scare a mouse!

Yoast ghost: Again the repellent girl!


Lady Anguish: And on top of everything else… it starts to rain. What a mess!

Grandpa: Another year that we’ve failed… There! Anyone want to play a game of Yahtzee?


Witch narrator: After this spooky story, I guess there won’t be any children left listening. (PAUSE) Ah, you! I have to admit that you have been very brave spending this terrifying night in the haunted mansion full of terrifying monsters… Well, I have to admit that today, precisely today, they weren’t very scary… were they? Maybe next year they will do better. Now it’s time
to go to sleep… But first… I’ll blow out this candle to keep us in the dark…


Cuentos de Halloween en inglés personalizados e impresos

Si lo que buscas son cuentos de Halloween en inglés editados en papel, tenemos una propuesta que os dejará con la boca abierta. Se trata del cuento “Nombre on Halloween night“, un relato de brujas personalizado en el que tu peque protagonizará la historia en primera persona, con su nombre y sus rasgos físicos. ¡Imposible que se resista a leer en inglés con esta propuesta!

Si te interesa, puedes personalizar el avatar de tu peque, que saldrá en todas las ilustraciones, y generar una previsualización del cuento completo, totalmente gratis. De ese modo podrás leerlo completo y observar sus bonitas ilustraciones. Al final del proceso de personalización podrás elegir el idioma inglés.

Si te han gustado nuestras propuestas de cuentos de Halloween en inglés, te animamos a visitar nuestra página de cuentos infantiles en ingles, todos son gratis. Además, puedes escuchar el podcast de audiocuentos en inglés. Y si prefieres disfrutar de ellos en español, tienes disponibles más de 100 cuentos en español gratis, con sus audiocuentos.