Cuentos de superhéroes en inglés cortos + audiocuento

cuentos de superhéroes en inglés

Muchos papás y mamás buscan cuentos de superhéroes en inglés para favorecer que sus hijos lean en este idioma. Si es tu caso, has llegado al lugar indicado, ya que aquí encontrará “Superpowers”, un cuento para leer online, educativo y con valores, con el que tu peque disfrutará mucho.

Como material adicional, hemos creado una versión en audiocuento, de manera que el niño o la niña pueda escucharlo simultáneamente y comenzar a educar el oído en la fonética inglesa, tan importante para la comprensión y aprendizaje real de este idioma. Sin entretenernos más, te dejamos los materiales para practicar con estos cuentos de superhéroes en inglés.

Audiocuento de superhéroes en inglés para practicar el listening

Música: Public Domain – Opening theme B por Kevin MacLeod; Be Chillin y Be Jammin, por Alexander Nakarada; Heroic adventure, por Rafael Krux.

Aquí tienes el texto escrito para poder leer el cuento online.


Mumablue loves stories about superheroes. Whenever he reads one, he likes to imagine that he has amazing powers: the ability to can fly, turn invisible or move objects with his mind.

Mumablue knows that this isn’t really possible — it only happens in stories.

What’s more, a lot of the time he doesn’t even feel very brave: he is scared of the dark, worries that there are monsters under the bed and is scared every time he sees a creepy crawly.

Today Mumablue is really excited. It’s Invention Day at school! Inventors from around the world are coming to show off their wild and crazy inventions.

One invention in particular catches Mumablue’s eye. Mrs Nexus has invented the Powerator, a machine that gives you superpowers! Mumablue is thrilled.

“This is my big chance to become a superhero!”

But while Mrs Nexus is getting ready to do a demonstration, her invention starts making a strange noise. It short-circuits and bursts into flames!

The fire quickly spreads to all the other inventions: the Loverator, the Straight to your Sofa Teleport and the Cloning Machine for Work Hours. Everything starts to burn…

Everyone panics! People start running this way and that. At first Mumablue is frozen with fear, but he knows what he has to do.

“I need to find a fire extinguisher!”

Mumablue plucks up all his COURAGE. He uses his DETERMINATION to locate the fire extinguisher. It’s very heavy but he feels STRONG. Then, FAST as lightening, he goes to put out the fire.

But the room must be evacuated first! Being INTELLIGENT, Mumablue climbs the ladder of The Cloud Maker to find an emergency exit. And showing great LEADERSHIP, he tells people to head calmly to the exit.

Once everyone has left, Mumablue turns on the fire extinguisher and, PATIENTLY and with great PERSISTENCE, puts out the fire. he finds it hard to breathe!

Mumablue has put out the fire. He is coughing and spluttering, and his face is covered in soot. But everyone congratulates him — they all clap and cheer!

“You’re a hero, Mumablue!”
“Better than that… You’re a superhero!”

By acting so bravely, he has shown that he has superpowers: courage, determination, strength, speed, intelligence, leadership, patience and persistence. Mumablue has saved the school!

Mumablue is beside himself with joy. He is a real superhero!

“Mrs Nexus, the Powerator worked!”
“No. The truth is, the superpowers were already yours”.

Mumablue understands that all the superpowers already lived inside him. And that everyone, absolutely everyone, has extraordinary gifts inside them. You just have to let them out.

To reward Mumablue for his heroic actions, Mrs Nexus asks if he would like to try the Powerator.

“Wasn’t it destroyed in the fire?”
“Luckily, I always carry a pocket version with me”.

Under the expectant gazes of teachers and pupils, Mrs Nexus points the Powerator at Mumablue. he is surrounded by a halo of light. And a miracle happens!

Mumablue starts to float up into the air. He can fly! And that’s not all: he can move objects with his mind, pick up furniture with just his little finger and read people’s thoughts.

“It’s amazing!”

Thanks to his new superpowers and the power he has always carried inside him, Mumablue can help anyone who needs it. And the kinder he is, the more love he will receive. And the more love he receives, the greater his superpowers will be. And with everyone happy and content, Mumablue says goodbye until next time.

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cuento de superhéroes en inglés

Si a tu peque le ha gustado la historia, ponemos a tu disposición la versión impresa, cuidadosamente ilustrada, con un extra inigualable: el cuento personalizado para que tu peque sea el protagonista del relato. “Superpowers” personalizado es uno de los cuentos de superhéroes en inglés que mayor interés despierta en los niños, ya que al verse reflejados con su nombre y sus rasgos físicos, se activan de inmediato las ganas de leerlo. La mejor idea para hacer un buen regalo.

Puedes personalizar a tu peque y ver cómo quedaría dentro de la historia, gracias a que es posible realizar una previsualización completa del cuento, totalmente gratis. Está disponible en 11 idiomas, puedes seleccionar el idioma inglés al final del proceso de personalización. ¡Es uno de los cuentos Mumablue más vendidos! Por algo será 🙂

Si te han gustado estas propuestas de cuentos de superhéroes en inglés, la buena noticia es que tenemos muchos más de diferentes temas. Visita nuestra página de cuentos infantiles en inglés y disfrutad de muchas más historias. También ofrecemos más de 100 cuentos en español gratis, con sus audiocuentos y totalmente gratis. ¡Nuestra misión es despertar en los niños el amor por la lectura y el relato oral!