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cuentos de brujas en inglés

Los cuentos de brujas en inglés son una buena idea para incentivar que nuestros peques lean en este idioma, ya que se trata de relatos revestidos de gran atractivo para ellos: la fantasía, la magia y ese puntito de miedo es una combinación que a los niños les encanta. En esta ocasión os traemos “The little witch Bluefire”, la historia de una brujita con un poder tan extraño como, en apariencia inservible, y su experiencia en la escuela de brujería. Este cuento pone de relieve el valor de no rechazar al diferente.

Como contenido adicional, hemos creado un audiocuento de la brujita Fuegoazul, de modo que tu peque pueda escuchar esta versión sonora y comenzar a familiarizarse con la lengua inglesa en el plano hablado. Es ideal para que lo escuche de modo simultáneo a la lectura, aunque también puede disfrutarse de forma independiente. ¡Aprenderá sin darse cuenta!

Audiocuento de brujas en inglés para entrenar el oído en este idioma

Music: Public Domain – Música para Halloween (TMSC)

A continuación te dejamos el texto escrito, en inglés, para que podáis leerlo directamente.

The little witch Bluefire

Freya had discovered she had powers on her 7th birthday. During that birthday, rather than blowing out the candles, she lit them. Yes, you heard that correctly.

Before her mom could get the match to the cake, Freya’s fingers burst into strange blue flames.

That’s how, on her seventh birthday, Freya gained a year… and lost a name: from that moment on, everyone would call her “Little Witch Bluefire”.

Little Witch Bluefire came from an important lineage of witches. Her reat-great-great-great-grandmother was already listed in the family’s witch family tree, although it is likely that her witch lineage came from much further back.

Little witch Bluefire, however, had a problem: her only magic was that silly blue fire that was good for nothing but lighting the kitchen fire. What a dud!

Little witch knew, from the Great Book of Witches’ History, that witches could fly on their broomsticks, turn people into frogs or change their shape, but she could do none of those things! What’s more! She didn’t even have pyrokinesis, which is the power to set fire at a distance, but simply had fingers that lit up as if they were a lighter. Well, that was a load of rubbish magic that was useless!

So when she turned 18, Bluefire did not go to the University, but enrolled in the Superior School of Witchcraft, in case the reason was that she was doing something wrong.

But her problem did not go away. Not only was her individual talent useless, but she possessed none of the elemental powers of witches.

In Flight class, she set the broom on fire just by touching it. And all the student witches fled in terror so as not to get burned, because witches are VERY afraid of being
burned to death at a bonfire.

In Transfiguration class she failed to turn a mouse into a toad, a worm, or even a shrew. She only managed to burn its tail.

And in class of Hurricanes and storms, she only generated a shower of sparks that Madame
Thunder had to extinguish causing a copious downpour. Well, what a mess! Her power only served to light the fire in the cauldron.

“Oh my goodness, I don’t know what I’ve done with the matches… Lend me a hand, Bluefire!”, said an old witch.

“Coming, Madame Potion!”

Bluefire felt inferior, she thought she was stupid and that she would never be able to cast a single spell. She failed all her subjects: Telekinesis, Broomstick Flying, Transfiguration, Potion Science, Spellcasting… Even Superhuman Gymnastics, which everyone passed!

The teachers were very worried about Bluefire. It was clear that she made an effort, studied hard, knew all the spells by heart and recited them incessantly:

“Black storm cloud muddles,
big downpours and lightning,
turn the water of the puddles
into seas so frightening”.

But she could do nothing but make her little blue fire gush forth.

Then her tutor, Madame Cadabra, went to the High Council of Teaching Witchcraft. Its members, the wisest and most powerful witches and wizards on Earth, ordered Bluefire to appear before them.

When she arrived, they asked her to show them her power. Bluefire obeyed. Little bluish flames emerged from her fingertips. Then, the Great witch spoke:

“It’s not magic, it’s a fatuous fire”, said the Great witch.

All witches were surprise:

“Ohhhh, unbelievable!”
“A fatuous fire? It can’t be”.
“I’ve never seen a case like this in 100 years!”
“Amazing! Of what nature”

“Silence!”, ordered the Great witch.

The room was silent. Only the flight of a fly couldbe heard. After a while, the Great witch said:

“My dear… this is not an individual talent… that fire is the spirit of a very, very powerful ancestor, who endows you with supreme power: your great-great-great-grandmother. Thanks to her spirit you not only have the elemental powers, but you possess ALL the higher powers of magic”.

“So, I’m not useless?”, asked Bluefire.

“Of course not! On the contrary. It so happens that the Superior School of Magic is too small for you. You need to train this supreme power at the Academy of Gifted Witches”.

And so it was that Bluefire entered the Academy of Gifted Witches to let her magnificent powers come out. She no longer felt like a freak. In just one year she had become one of the most powerful witches in the world and when she graduated she was made an Honorary Member of the High Council of Witchcraft Teachers. In time, she would become Witch Dean. And when she died, after 160 years, she became a purple fire fatuous waiting for her great-great-great-granddaughter to be born…

Cuentos de brujas en inglés

Otro de los cuentos de brujas en inglés más valorados

Si te has quedado con ganas de más cuentos de brujas en inglés, te dejamos una propuesta de los más original: se trata de un relato en el que la mismísima bruja del cuento “La casita de chocolate” ofrece su propio punto de vista de la historia, una perspectiva tan divertida como sorprendente que ayudará a los niños a entender el valor del punto de vista. Primero que nada, aquí tienes el audiocuento.

Music: CC 0 Fairy Dance and Magic in the garden by Rafael Krux; CC 3.0 Magical transition, Witch Waltz , Donkey in the Dancehall and Aquarium, by Kevin MacLeod

The true story of Hansel and Gretel

Hello, dear children. Let me introduce myself: I am the witch from Hansel and Gretel’s fairy tale, but don’t be afraid! You mustn’t be afraid of me: everything those two children told about me is a rotten lie. They made it all up! If you will allow me, I would like to tell you the real story, what really happened.

One day I was so quiet in my little house in the forest, cooking my magic potions, when two children appeared out of nowhere and started tearing pieces off the walls, the doors, the windows… and then they ate them!

Apparently they had been lost in the forest for a few days, with no food or water. They thought my little house was made of chocolate! What nonsense! If it were, I would have eaten it myself a long time ago! My house is made of bricks, plaster and plasterboard, just like everybody else’s.

I’m a witch, and everyone knows that children and witches don’t get along. Children create a lot of fuss: they baffle the spirits with their screams, chase away lizards and bats (which are the basis of any self-respecting magic potion), and wear our pointy hats to disguise themselves all the time.

But Hansel and Gretel gave me a bit of grief. So I invited them in and offered them a nice snack: milk with sugared scones, apples and nuts. They told me that their stepmother had abandoned them in the forest with the excuse that she had no money to feed them. What a wicked lady! So I told them they could stay with me if they would help me with some chores.

But as it turned out, Hansel and Gretel were naughty! I asked Hansel to go to the stable to take care of the cattle, but he was lazy and locked himself behind bars so I couldn’t find him, and he spent the whole day sleeping. What a lazy bum!

Later he said that it was me who locked him in a cage to fatten him up and, when he was fat, to eat him… Besides being lazy, he was a liar! I don’t like children, not even on pizza!

I asked Gretel to help me in the kitchen, but she did things to annoy me! Change the sugar for salt, for example. Have you tried milk with salt, it’s disgusting! I don’t recommend fried eggs with sugar either… She would also unscrew the faucet so when I would turned it on, water would shoot out and hit me in the face.

She would use my flying broom to sweep (flying brooms are very sensitive, they can’t stand too much pressure) or she would pour a liter of soap in the washing machine and the kitchen would look like that foam party from the fairs. A horrible disaster! One day, when I was about to put a loaf of bread in the oven… Gretel pushed me and tried to make me fall in! That was the straw that broke the camel’s back! I got very angry and sent them back to their stepmother. How sorry I am for that poor woman!

The story they told afterwards, you already know it: that their wicked stepmother had abandoned them to their fate in the forest and that a much more wicked witch had locked them up to fatten them up and then eat them. What ungrateful people! I repeat: we witches do not eat children, they are all bones. We prefer mac and cheese. Oh, and they didn’t get home on a duck either. How big would a duck have to be to carry a child on its back? Have we gone mad? I took them myself on my flying broom and they didn’t even pay for the gas!

And this is my version of the story. But who would believe a lonely witch rather than two seemingly innocent children? No one! Well, no one except their stepmother, who looked at me with pity while they wanted to set fire to my little house, which, I repeat, was not made of chocolate, nor candy, because those things only exist in fairy tales and this is a very real story.

So you know, kids, if you ever want to know how a story really happened, you should ask all the parties involved. Remember: the good guys aren’t so good, and the bad guys aren’t so bad.

Otros cuentos de brujas en inglés que os van a encantar

cuentos de monstruos en inglés

Si os ha gustado esta historia, os invitamos a descubrir otros cuentos de brujas en inglés muy interesantes. El primero de ellos es “The true story of Hansel and Gretel”, un cuento donde se cambia el punto de vista del cuento clásico de “La casita de chocolate”. En él, la bruja ofrece su versión de la historia, y descubre el auténtico carácter de Hansel y Gretel. ¡Una historia muy divertida que también viene acompañada de su correspondiente audiocuento.

Otra idea maravillosa si estás buscando cuentos de brujas en inglés impresos en papel, es Nombre de tu peque on Halloween night“, un cuento personalizado en el que tu peque protagonizará la historia en primera persona, con su nombre y una ilustración que lo representará físicamente en todas las páginas. ¡El mejor regalo para niños y niñas!

¿Te has quedado con ganas de más? ¡No te preocupes! En nuestra página cuentos infantiles en inglés encontrarás muchos otros de todos los géneros y temas. Además, es posible escuchar todos ellos, y muchos más, en nuestra sección de cuentos infantiles en español, donde encontrarás más de 100 cuentos y audiocuentos en español, gratis.