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Moral Values

We have discover the best formula to educate kids in moral values, making them the heroes of the story.

Available in several languages

We have 11 languages available so you can personalize a book on the kid's mother tongue or another language the little one is learning. Awesome, isn't it?

Each book is produced exclusively

A keepsake printed exclusively for you. Your kid will always remember it!

For all reading levels

We have books for all reading levels. From beginners to advanced readers, it all depends on the kid.

Laminated gloss stain-repellent

Our books are resitant, even to the strongest kid out there.

Personalized Cover

This is our signature. Kids love it and it help them build a stronger bond with their books.

What People are saying about Mumablue

Johnathan from Texas
April 2019
This book came out so nice.
It’s perfect and love we love it. Something we will be able to have forever.
Tina from Idaho
April 2019
Absolutely a wonderful book.
Our Granddaughter just loves books and with her being the character it was icing on the cake... Looking g forward to ordering the other three.
Shamona from Tennessee
May 2019
This book is awesome.
I’m sure the family will enjoy it just as much when the baby grow up to discover his name in the book. What a wonderful and awesome job Yailin doing by creating children books.
Marta from London
April 2019
TFantastic gift! Bought it to my 3yo niece and she absolutely loved it.
Emmeline from Massachusetts
February 2019
This book was great my daughter loved it.
I plan on purchasing another adventure!
Shari from Ontario
February 2019
The books are excellent quality my little girl is going to love them.
Thank you and I would definitely recommend them to friends and family
Jason from Colorado
June 2019
These books are incredible!
They were easy to customize and they turned out amazing. The artwork is beautiful and the stories are a lot of fun for the kids. I'm glad I found Mumablue.
Patricia from Illinois
January 2019
I could not be happier with the book and can't wait to gift it to our granddaughter.
What I appreciated was the ability to choose from so many options to make the character look as much like her as possible. Love the personalization and the story is beautiful. Great life lessons.
Tim from Washington
November 2018
My children love their books.
What a brilliant idea, and a great principle to each book. Will recommend for sure!
Adam from Oregon
November 2018
My daughters were blown away when they realized they were characters in these books!
They are asking me to take their books to school/daycare. They are wonderful and I was impressed with the quality of the hardcovers. Thank you for our Books!

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