Who we are

Hi! I’m Mumablue! I’m fantastic and chatty, friendly, fun and playful and I tell wonderful stories to the little kids of the house.

I want to paint smiles onto the faces of all the children I can reach. But to do that, I have some help from some very hard-working and dedicated grown-ups who work hard every day to create marvellous stories for children.

Cristina, an advertising publicist from the Canaries, who’s by nature very calm but with some crazy ideas, is our executive director. She’s the captain at the helm of the ship, and is in charge of developing strategies and coordinating everyone’s work. She’s also the mummy of two gorgeous little girls. She first started thinking about Mumablue when she was pregnant and the company she was working for suddenly swapped a promotion for redundancy. After that, with her girls, she realized just how important stories were in her children’s upbringing. So she decided to look for a business partner to help run this marvellous adventure.

When she told Manuel Córdoba her idea, he didn’t hesitate for a second and they joined up to give life to what is Mumablue today. Manu, as we call him, is an IT engineer from Andujar. He’s responsible for designing and implementing the program, which is absolutely essential in order to personalize the image of the child in the story. This young entrepreneur is always ready to give a hand to fix whatever is necessary to keep our clients happy.

So this is how I, Mumablue, came to life. I want to keep up this good old tradition of telling stories to children before they go to sleep with the idea of encouraging them to read from an early age. Both the grown-ups and I want to create personalised stories, making them special so that each child can be the hero of their own story. To do this, in our stories you can choose the name and appearance of the hero so that he or she looks just like you in the story that you’ll receive in person.

In this way we manage to hold onto something very special: an education in values for our children through stories that teach them to know the difference between good and bad, to face up to their fears and to develop their self-esteem to name but a few of these values. Also, telling stories gives the mummies and daddies quality time with their children and strengthens the bond between them. There’s no doubt – stories are wonderful! And we want to be part of this facet of the life of the children of today, the adults of tomorrow.

Mumablue came out of the good habit of reading a story to the little ones before they go to bed with the idea of encouraging them to read