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  • Johnathan from Texas
    17/04/2019 00:10
    This book came out so nice. It’s perfect and love we love it. Something we will be able to have forever.
  • Carolina from Barcelona
    16/04/2019 04:43
    Very satisfied with the results and package tracking system is very helpful.
  • Tina from Idaho
    15/04/2019 04:52
    Absolutely a wonderful book. Our Granddaughter just loves books and with her being the character it was icing on the cake... Looking g forward to ordering the other three .
  • Nelisha Carrasquillo from Massachusetts
    14/04/2019 03:04
    The book is beautiful I’m glad I bought from you guys again
  • Shawn from Ontario
    14/04/2019 03:01
    Great job! Beautiful gift... she love it!
  • Daisy from Arizona
    14/04/2019 01:13
    2nd book bought and it was perfectly done as well.
  • Shay from Florida
    13/04/2019 00:19
    Done to perfection. Thank you!!!
  • Shamona from Tennessee
    13/04/2019 00:05
    This book is awesome and I’m sure the family will enjoy it just as much when the baby grow up to discover his name in the book. What a wonderful and awesome job Yailin doing by creating children books.
  • Abigail from Texas
    12/04/2019 04:00
    Loved it! It was amazing! Would buy again!
  • Maria jr from California
    09/04/2019 19:12
    I LOVED my daughters book and she loved it even more thank you mumablue!!
  • Nelisha from Massachusetts
    07/04/2019 02:45
    The book were beautifully done thank you so much I really love them will definitely be buying for y’all soon !!
  • Marbely from California
    05/04/2019 02:33
    I purchased the book for my nephew, I absolutely love the idea of being able to personalize a book afte him . The story is amazing ! I will definitely purchase again and highly recommend it to my friends and family ! Thank you
  • Karina from New Mexico
    03/04/2019 03:38
    My daughter loved that the little character looked like her & my younger son right away knew it was my daughter
  • kerisha from South Carolina
    03/04/2019 02:27
    My niece was over the moon. Love it
  • Daniel from Florida
    02/04/2019 21:49
    I was blown away at the quality and speed the book was printed and shipped. My niece loved it. Thank you so much mumablue!!!
  • Charmese from New York
    01/04/2019 16:19
    By far the best book I have ever got for my niece!
  • Olivia from Florida
    31/03/2019 18:39
    My son loved the book so much. My whole family was excited. My son reads his book every night. The new bedtime routine. Thank you so much!
  • Sol from Georgia
    23/03/2019 00:49
    I loved my kids books, I will be ordering one for my daughter soon, beautiful print, hard cover pages are great, excellent quality product recomended 100% worth the price.
  • Monica from Arkansas
    22/03/2019 17:24
    My daughter loved her book. The character looks just like her and she was so excited about her name being in every page. Great book! will definitely be purchasing again.
  • Meena from Bucks
    18/03/2018 12:01
    Beautiful book!
  • Vicky from Hertfordshire
    17/01/2018 08:31
    I ordered two books and they were delivered promptly and in perfect condition. The books are beautiful quality, much better than I could have hoped for. Would highly recommend.
  • Sara from Berlin
    15/01/2018 22:19
    The stories are all very cute, delivery fast and I was plesantly surprised by the quality of the papaer, prinding and binding. I bought one book for our son and two for our nieces and they all loved them, especially when they recognised themsleves in the story! Hope you can add a few more stories in the future because I would definitely like to buy more. Keep up the great work!
  • Zoe from Devon
    12/01/2018 10:33
    I loved this book so much, it made my granddaughter's birthday to find that she was the star of her own book. It's a wonderful keepsake for her and I am so glad that you made this possible.
  • Andreea from Madrid
    09/01/2018 15:59
    It's a great idea and I love it and my kid loved it too!
  • Marta from London
    09/01/2018 15:14
    Fantastic gift! Bought it to my 3yo niece and she absolutely loved it.