Terms and conditions

On purchasing a book at mumablue.com you declare that you have read both these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

The delivery of any of the products offered by MUMABLUE (hereinafter the “Products”) over the Website www.mumablue.com requires the previous purchasing of these Products in accordance with the requisites set forth in these General Terms and Conditions that shall expressly regulate the conducting of relations between CUENTOS COLORÍN, S.L. and those third parties (hereinafter the “Customer”) that purchase the products offered through the Shop.

CUENTOS COLORÍN, S.L. hereby informs you that the procedure to purchase goods is that which is described in these General Terms and Conditions, along with any other specific process indicated on screen when browsing. Accordingly, the Customer declares to have knowledge of and to accept the aforementioned procedure as necessary to access the products and services offered over the portal.

1. Portal Ownership

CUENTOS COLORÍN, S.L., (hereinafter “MUMABLUE”), the registered of which is at: Calle Tuset, 19 2ª 3ª, 08006, Barcelona (Spain), holder of Tax ID number (CIF) B87210621 and entered on the Mercantile Register of Madrid in Volume 33192, Sheet 32, Section 8ª, Page M-597271, Entry 1 is the owner of the portal www.mumablue.com (hereinafter “mumablue.com” or “Website”) and makes it available to internet customers to provide them with information on MUMABLUE products and promotions as well as enabling the purchase of the products over the website.

2. Purpose and scope of application

These are the terms and conditions that regulate the purchasing of products on-line through mumablue.com and the responsibilities arising thereof.

It shall be understood that by following all the steps envisaged to purchase the Products, as well as ordering them, involves the Customer fully and unreservedly observing all the general terms and conditions that MUMABLUE has published on the website at the time of making the purchase, as well as the Privacy Policy of the “On-line Shop” (hereinafter the “Shop”).

3. Formalities involved in the product purchase procedure

Before purchasing any of the products on sale over mumablue.com, the Customer must carefully read these Terms and Conditions.

The products on sale in the shop, in addition to their characteristics and price, will come up on screen. Moreover, Customers will be informed of the shipping price to their addresses, where appropriate. Shipping costs will come up on screen when making the purchase.

The prices indicated on screen will be in the currency you choose in the menu enabled for this purpose on the website (euros, sterling pounds, or American, Canadian, New Zealand or Singapore dollar) and carry the applicable indirect taxes, unless otherwise specified. These prices will always be the current ones at the time the customer makes the order, except for typographical error.

Customers must select the Products they want to purchase and add them to their shopping cart to purchase them at the shop. To this end, before closing the purchase customers must check the characteristics of the product indicated in the website after the personalisation that the customer has chosen, its price, the applicable taxes and the corresponding shipping costs, to assess whether or not it meets customer needs.

MUMABLUE will then ask the Customer to enter certain data on the website by means of completing an e-form. The data marked with an asterisk (*) on this form is required and, therefore, must be completed. The Privacy Policy adopted by MUMABLUE specifies how the personal data provided will be processed.

Customers wishing to purchase products through the shop must be 18 or older. If not, they will need express authorisation to make the purchase from the holder of the bank account to be used in the purchase transaction. When making the purchase, Customers declare and assure they are in possession of, and can demonstrate, the requisite authorisation if so required.

The Customer will receive the Purchase Terms and Conditions on screen and must accept them to continue with the purchasing procedure. Acceptance by the Customer of these terms and conditions does not imply automatic acceptance by MUMABLUE of the order, rather it shall be understood as accepted when MUMABLUE sends an e-mail acknowledging receipt of the request or order at the Customer's e-mail address given in the registration form.

Payment of the price of the products purchased and the corresponding shipping costs must be made by credit or debit card, bank transfer or PayPal, or in accordance with any other means of payment that may be enabled at the on-line shop at any given time.

A screen will come up with the amount and the purchase reference to proceed with payment and the Customer will be asked to provide the information requested on screen, which will always include the following: a) Card number; b) Expiry date; c) CVV (three-digit security code that is printed at the back of the card).

To ensure Customer security, MUMABLUE hereby informs Customers that it has contracted the ING Direct and Stripe (secure on-line payment platform) POS service as its e-payment system.

4. Product characteristics and guarantee

The MUMABLUE product consists of a colour printed, 44-page book. There are several story models with different plots, the main character of which Customers can personalise as they wish, choosing the first name and the appearance of said character. The end result is a hardback, die-cut book with laminated gloss stain-repellent pages, measuring 22x22 cm and weighing 0.495 kg, in which the main character, the appearance and first name of whom will be selected and designed by the Customer using the character editor provided by the Website during the purchasing process.

A photograph that will appear at the end of the story, accompanied by a dedication to the child in question can be included as part of the story personalisation process. The intention behind this photograph is to include an image with which the child is familiar, in which people, animals and/or surroundings that he/she recognises appear, to be able to accompany it with a dedication and thus make the book a particularly special gift. If the photograph has an image of people other than the Customer, the latter must guarantee that the Customer has express authorisation from the people in question to use their image for the purpose of being included in the book and further must hold MUMABLUE harmless from any type of claim related the image of the people that appear in the photograph in question.

An image with harmful content for minors or that is contrary to MUMABLUE values regarding childhood cannot be included. If an attempt is made to upload a photograph with content that MUMABLUE considers inappropriate for children, MUMABLUE reserves the right to refuse its inclusion in the story, to cancel the order and, where appropriate, to report to the pertinent authorities.

After the story design period is over, the Customer is provided with a preview of the story to approve its content before the story is sent for printing as a book. MUMABLUE shall not be liable in any way for the story content, given that it will have been expressly approved by the Customer after having the opportunity to display it in the preview panel on the Website before proceeding with the payment process.

MUMABLUE products carry a twenty-four (24) month guarantee as of receipt of the Product by the Customer. This guarantee only covers production defects (misprints or binding, missing pages, etc.) that become apparent during the guarantee period.

If the Customer detects any such production defects, the Customer can contact MUMABLUE, indicating them and providing graphic documents where they appear. After MUMABLUE has assessed the defects, and as long as these are production ones, MUMABLUE will inform the Customer of what to do to resolve the problem. This solution will consist of MUMABLUE sending a new product to the Customer. Any shipping costs during the guarantee period to replace the defective product will be paid for by MUMABLUE.

If the product deteriorates in any way that is not due to a production defect (such as defects caused by blows, weather or natural effects —water, heat/fire/sun, etc.— tears caused by Customer misuse, book tears owing to deterioration of the binding, etc.), product replacement will not be covered by the guarantee and MUMABLUE will not answer for the condition of the product.

The Customer shall not have the right of withdrawal with respect to the products (i.e. they cannot be returned for no reason within 14 days of their receipt) because these are clearly personalised and produced in accordance with Customer specifications (personalisation of the story according to Client indications using the story configuration tool).

5. MUMABLUE Obligations

MUMABLUE undertakes to meet the following obligations:

• To provide Customers with the requisite information at mumablue.com on the products available for purchase.
• To send Customers a receipt acknowledging the receipt by MUMABLUE of the request or order made to the address the particular Customer indicates in the contract form.
• After making the purchase, MUMABLUE undertakes to deliver the goods acquired by Customers, as soon as possible and always within legal limits, at the address they indicated in the order form, or at the designed pick-up point if out at the time of delivery. If the product is definitively returned on account of continued Customer absence or failure of the Customer to pick up the product, the latter shall be returned to MUMABLUE. Should the Customer subsequently wish for it to be re-shipped, the Customer will have to pay shipping costs again.
• All deliveries are subject to stock availability and confirmation of the payment transaction.
• All our products are packaged securely and properly to avoid deterioration during shipping. Nevertheless, if they become deteriorated or get damaged during shipping, MUMABLUE shall be liable for replacing the product at no further charge for the Customer.
• To refund the cost to Customers for goods with production defects (once duly confirmed by MUMABLUE that the defect in question is duly caused by an ex-works defect and not due to Customer misuse). When Customers exercise their right under the guarantee, MUMABLUE shall pay for any shipping costs involved in the process.
• To act with reasonable care and professionalism with respect to the services and goods it offers.

6. Liabilities

Customers shall be liable for:

• All those acts that contravene that which is set forth in these general terms and conditions, the law, public morals, generally accepted good practices and public order.
• Any act that is conducted differently to the manner indicated by MUMABLUE in its instructions on how to use the Website and purchase the products thereon.
• The truth, accuracy and current validity of the data provided in the forms MUMABLUE makes available for completion on the Website.
• Any direct or special and consequential damages caused the Customer by any third party if the Customer loses, discloses, mislays, or in any way makes a third party privy to the Customer personal data required to purchase the product.

MUMABLUE shall not be liable for:

• Damages caused by the improper conservation or misuse of the product that may be caused by the Customer or a third party for reasons for which MUMABLUE is not accountable.
• Whatever the case, any liability that the Customer may claim of the MUMABLUE shall be restricted to the price of the product purchased by the Customer.

7. Guarantee exclusion and liability

• MUMABLUE reserves the right to delete any content that might harm its image, cause it commercial damage and might commit outrage against the dignity of the members of the community or other affected persons.
• MUMABLUE accepts no liability for damages of any kind that may be caused by any lack of availability and/or technical continuity of Website functioning. Whatever the case, MUMABLUE shall take all the actions required to restore its services in the event of technical problems.
• MUMABLUE shall put all the means at its disposal to protect the data housed on its servers. If any natural or legal person accesses these data lawfully or unlawfully and makes undue use of this information, that which is provided for in current legislation shall apply.
• MUMABLUE shall not be liable for any damages that may arise from the content, information, publicity, opinions, ideas and images provided by Customers or third parties that contravene the law, public morals, good faith and public order, or the infringe on industrial or intellectual property rights or contain flaws, defects or computer viruses or similar software routine.
• Whatever the case, MUMABLUE accepts no liability for content and information unrelated to the website that MUMABLUE does not manage. MUMABLUE is not aware of any content housed on the website that contravenes the law, public morals, good faith or public order or that infringes on industrial or intellectual property rights or contains flaws, defects or computer viruses or similar software routine.
• MUMABLUE accepts no liability for damages that may be caused by the knowledge unauthorised third parties have of users’ personal data, or for the use made of the Website by means of these data.
• MUMABLUE can sell advertising space (banners, sponsorships, collaborations, etc.) on the Website. If the companies advertising on the Website collect the personal data of users (by means of a link or through a specific registration process for this purpose), the said companies shall be liable for observing data protection regulations.
• MUMABLUE accepts no liability for any failure to make good discounts and promotions advertised by companies, brands, institutions and other entities whether profit or non-profit making that may decide to advertise on the Website. Those companies and entities shall be responsible for making good the aforementioned promotions and discounts. Moreover, MUMABLUE accepts no liability for any damages arising for Customers from the failure to make good on these promotions and discounts.

8. Intellectual and industrial property

All product and website content shown, and particularly, designs, drawings, texts, graphics, logos, icons, buttons, software, commercial names, trademarks and any other signs that may be covered by intellectual or industrial rights are subject to the intellectual and industrial property held by MUMABLUE, or third parties with whom it has reached an agreement with respect to products and website use.

Under no circumstances must Customer access, browsing or use of the Website be understood as involving a relinquishment, transfer, licence or total or partial granting of the aforementioned rights by MUMABLUE. The Customer has the right to use website content and/or services in a strictly domestic setting.

All references to commercial or registered names and trademarks, or other distinctive signs, whether owned by MUMABLUE or by third companies, in which case their use has been granted to us, implicitly involves the prohibition to use the same without the consent of MUMABLUE or of their legitimate owners. Unless otherwise expressly stated, at no time does access to, browsing or use of the Website and/or of the content thereof grant the Customer any right over the distinctive signs included thereon.

All intellectual and industrial property rights over website content and/or services are reserved and, particularly, it is strictly prohibited to modify, copy, reproduce, publicly disclose, transform or distribute by any means or in any way, either all or part of website content for public or commercial purposes unless prior, express authorisation has been obtained in writing from MUMABLUE or, where appropriate, the holder of the corresponding rights. Moreover, and for security reasons, it is not permitted to use frames or devices that may alter or vary website design, original configuration and content.

None of the content hosted on the Website can be downloaded, reproduced or used on any other device or in any other place other than the Website unless MUMABLUE has enabled the means to do so.

9. Links

Links to other websites

In the event that the user comes across links to other websites on our Website by means of various buttons, links, banners, etc., those websites would be managed by third parties. MUMABLUE has neither the authority nor the human or technical means to know, control or approve all the information, content, products or services provided by other websites to which links may be established from the website. Consequently, MUMABLUE cannot accept any type of liability for any matter that is related to a website to which a link could be established from its website, specifically as regards, albeit not restricted to, its operation, access, data, information, files, quality and the reliability of its products and services, its links and/or, generally speaking, its content.

Accordingly, if users come to have material knowledge of the illegality of the activities conducted through any of these third-party websites, they must immediately notify MUMABLUE so that it can proceed to disable the access link to the same.

The establishment of any kind of link from the MUMABLUE Website to another website shall not imply any type of relationship, cooperation or dependency between MUMABLUE and the party responsible for the unrelated website.

Links from other websites the MUMABLUE Website

If any user, entity or website wishes to establish any kind of link to the MUMABLUE Website, the following stipulations must be observed:

• The link may only be directed to the website home page, unless otherwise expressly authorised in writing by MUMABLUE.
• The link must be absolute and clear, i.e. it must take the user to the website’s address: https://www.mumablue.com with one click and must show the complete home page screen. Unless expressly authorised in writing by MUMABLUE, under no circumstance may a website that establishes a link reproduce the website in any way, include it as part of that website or include it within one of the other website’ s frames or create a browser on any of that website’s pages.
• The page where the link is established may not make any statement to the effect that MUMABLUE has authorised such a link unless MUMABLUE has done so expressly in writing. If the entity that correctly makes the link from its page to the Website wishes to include the trademark, name, commercial name, sign, logo, slogan or any other type of MUMABLUE identifying element and/or of its website, it must have previously obtained MUMABLUE’s express authorisation in writing.
• MUMABLUE does not authorise the establishment of a link to its website from those websites that may contain illicit, illegal, degrading or obscene materials, information or content or, in general, any content that may be contrary to public morality, public order or generally accepted social standards.
• MUMABLUE has neither the authority nor the human or technical means to know, control or approve all the information, content, products or services provided by other websites that may have links established to its Website. MUMABLUE accepts no liability for any matter that is related to a website from which a link is established to its website, specifically as regards, albeit not restricted to, its operation, access, data, information, files, quality and the reliability of its products and services, its links and/or, generally speaking, its content.

10. Term and modification

These General Terms and Conditions shall remain valid throughout their publication period, or until they are modified wholly or in part, in which case MUMABLUE is obliged to announce the changes made to them.

Acceptance of customer orders shall be regulated by the Terms and Conditions published at that time on the Website.

11. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This contract shall be governed by Spanish Law, which shall apply to that which is not set forth in this contract concerning interpretation, validity and performance.

In the event of any disagreement or claim arising between the parties with respect to compliance with, or the contents of these Terms and Conditions, the parties shall negotiate in good faith to try and resolve their disagreement or claim within a maximum period of one month to be calculated as of the date either formally notifies the other of the discrepancy that has arisen or the claim made.

Notwithstanding, in the event that the disagreement or claim is not resolved within the aforementioned maximum term and only in cases in which the regulation provides for the possibilities of the parties subjecting themselves to a jurisdiction, MUMABLUE and the Customer hereby expressly waive their right to any jurisdiction that may correspond to them and agree to subject themselves to the decision on the matter put before the Courts and Tribunals of the City of Madrid.